A much awaited launching video game for Sony PlayStation's

by:SanTong     2020-05-01
Uncharted: Golden Abyss will make use of the PS Vita's advanced hardware features, such as its touch screen, back touchpad and built-in six-axis motion sensor. Using the touch-screen as well as motion controls for navigation and aiming will be an option, and gamers may enjoy the video game using the traditional Uncharted control scheme which includes dual thumb-sticks, the 'D' pad and Playstation buttons. A completely new feature in this game allows gamers to employ a camera for taking photos that could be useful to distinguish locales. STORYLINE: Occuring well before the storyline within Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, this storyline sees Nathan Drake heading off on a new venture - this time to find out the hidden secret regarding the total destruction of a Spanish expedition within South America that took place four centuries ago. Pursuing this legendary route for this specific Spanish excursion, Drake will traverse perilous river basins, explore huge underground caves, and also uncover ancient temple ruins in the quest to find a legendary lost city. Helping Drake in this mission is his long-standing friend Jason Dante in addition to Marisa Chase, whose grandfather is a great archaeologist who has strangely disappeared with no trace. FEATURES: Spectacular Cinematic Adventure - Making use of the Vita's awesome 5-Inch OLED display, Uncharted: Golden Abyss supplies the ultimate cinematic experience viewed on a portable gaming console - with a high-level od detail for the game backdrops, outstanding animation, superb effects and also more than two hours of cinematic cut-scenes. PS Vita Hardware Features - Gamers can make use of the PS Vita's touchscreen display as well as six-axis motion sensor when enjoying this game. Utilise the touchscreen in order to guide Drake whenever climbing, to pick-up weapons as well as items, when reloading weapons, and in addition to execute hand-to-hand combat movements through finger-swipes across the touchscreen display. Utilise built-in motion sensors to drive when using automobiles, using a sniper rifle when aiming the rifle's scope at specific enemies, along with tilting the PlayStation Vita to guide Nathan when swinging using a rope. Select Your Controls - Enjoy Uncharted: Golden Abyss utilising the classic Ps3 Uncharted control scheme (twin thumb-sticks, the 'D' pad as well as PS3 buttons), alternatively utilise the innovative PS Vita hardware capabilities to guide Nathan Drake (touchscreen and motion sensors). Choose the control scheme that compliments your playing technique. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is due for release around February 22nd, with the video game to be sold only on PS Vita. The game will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony Bend Studio were the developers of the video game. This game has a PEGI 16 rating, that means it is appropriate for ages 16 and higher. The game does not feature multiplayer.
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