A Puppy Pups theme party is the perfect for young

by:SanTong     2020-06-25
Find the Dog Bone: This game is perfect for guests of all ages and is a very easy game to play with the objective of the game is for the guests find dog bones at the party. Dogs bones can be made of plastic or baked cookies in the shape of dog bones (cookie dog bones are recommended). On go, children must search the party area high and low for the dog bone cookies. Dogcatcher, Dogcatcher: This game is a tag game where one guest pretends to be the dog catcher. Each child wears a tail made from string or small pieces of rope for a dog tail. On go, the children must run around the party area avoiding being caught by the dog catcher. If a child loses their tail (fasten tails on with tape so they can easily be pulled off) they are eliminated from this round of play. Adults are naturally faster than children so in order to even the playing field have the knees of the adult tied together. The last remaining child who has their tail is the winner. Name the Famous Dog: This game is a fun filled game that encourages the guests to name famous dog pictures as they are held up at the party. If the children are not familiar with a dog, offer hints such as the movie or television show the dogs were in along with the first letter in the name. Doggy Bone Treats: This game is played by giving each child a set number of doggy bones. Have each player sit in a chair facing in one direction with the a dog bowl behind them. The goal of the game is to drop the dog bone treats in the bowl over their shoulder. The player who can make the most dog bone treats in the bowl is the winner. Go Fetch!. Go Fetch! is a fun party game that requires player to fetch certain items in a quick pace. Spilt the players into two teams with objects at the other end of the party area (objects may include house slippers, dog treats, bones, newspapers, dog toys etc.). The game is played by a leader saying go fetch and bringing the bone back. If a player select a dog toy they must place the dog toy in their mouth. If a player selects a newspaper they can place the newspaper between their chin and chest (placing a newspaper in ones mouth is not very sanitary). The game goes on and on until all of the objects are back to the beginning. The first team to collect the dog objects wins. Puppy Pups Party Games and Printable Activities are very fun for young children who love acting and playing dog theme games. Even if there are cat lovers among the party guests they will have fun as well.
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