About how many ways are there to reduce Marine rope wear?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Polymer polyethylene Marine cable lightweight flexible, easy to operate, indeed for berthing and mooring operation bring great convenience, but also found some problems: one is the cable in the use of force is large, easy to force embedded in the rest of the cable and jam on winch; 2 it is because of its inherent defects and material factors such as small diameter, the cable is not wear-resisting, excessive wear easily lead to scrap. Here to talk about how to minimize the wear and tear of the Marine cable problem.   Marine cable abrasion problem in material order link, is demanding in the cable surface using outsourcing polyester woven layer 1 cases, in order to improve the wear resistance, abrasion resistance, prolong service life. In the ship use, can take the following links to reduce the wear and tear of the Marine cable. 1, the cable car segment. Modified the cable car in actual berthing applications also found new problems, namely the Marine cable only 1 ~ 2 layer winding in the warping machine, cause stress is relatively concentrated, Marine cable deeply on the roller, a soft, hard, for cable test is great. Found after departure, Marine cable, though no damage deformation is serious. 2, guide line roller link. Check all the guide rope wheel before arrival, ensure the bright and smooth surface, take all possible measures to reduce the wear and tear. In a certain type, for example: the ship's mooring roller, a total of 92 should arrange supervisor on a regular basis and dismantling refueling and maintenance, to ensure that loose; Every time even before arriving on the outer surface paint and maintenance, to ensure a smooth surface. In chock out line mouth constant 1 old rope, avoid polymer polyethylene cable with rigid guide rope wheel base and hull plate contact and reduces friction. Actual inspection found that the effect is better.   Made of cotton fiber rope multiple activities 'collar', according to the roller tailored and can be tightened in the roller. So that we can for each port cable Angle may be different due to the cable guide rope wheel wear flexible place. Actual use, found that this kind of cotton collar can greatly reduce the Marine between cable and mooring wheel wear.
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