About the cable in use process need to pay attention to what issues?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The cable tensile, impact resistance, wear resistance, flexibility properties, such as soft, rope used for tying ships. Requires tensile, impact resistance, wear resistance, flexibility of soft, such as performance, so should be how to correct the cable maintenance? After use end of the cable to clean up, will clean up the dust and debris on the surface of the cable. For special dirty place, can use cold water and neutral detergent soak slightly, then stir constantly, let the rope can wash to everywhere. In the case of long-term not use needs to be saved in the warm, dry, ventilated place, avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp. Cable after use to avoid contact with sharp objects, and transit to prevent damage to sharp objects on the cable. Cable has a very wide range of applications, especially on the ship have a specially equipped with Marine cable, cable drive the ship play a large role in the process, so the cable in use process need to pay attention to what issues? Below small make up to you to explain: 1. Before use, carefully check the cable in good condition, if there is a rope, the broken ends of excessive wear or a part of a large number of new cables must be replaced immediately. 2. Staff must be familiar with their operation of cable types and characteristics, targeted for homework, avoid the mistakes don't know the cable operation risk. 3. In the process of using the cable, the staff must wear safety helmet, safety clothing and other protective equipment, some workers do not pay attention to the protection of their own, in the event of an accident, the cable fault, is likely to threaten their safety. Above is the cable in use process should pay attention to the problem, please users in during operations, must strictly abide by the rules, to avoid wrong operation risk.
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