About three strands of rope and evaluation standard of three twisted cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Nylon rope and nylon rope is made of nylon rope. According to call polyamide, nylon rope chemistry English name Polymide ( PA) 。 Used for nylon rope is made of nylon slicing fibre through a series of processing. Nylon rope is a widely application in the market, so the demand is big, the following is about three strands of rope and evaluation index of the twisted rope. Is usually made of gray twine length is 6 meters, weight to 0. 15 kg, resistant to pull than he tied rope, nylon cable faults perishable, and cost is higher. Mostly with polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber, whalen, polyester, nylon rope, etc. Synthetic fibre cable in addition to the proportion of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance and good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, bug eat by moth resistance and other advantages. Nylon rope chemical fiber cable according to the processing structure into three strands, strand twist twisted rope and 8 strands, strand twisted rope. 3 cable generally 4 ~ 50 mm diameter, 8 cable generally 35 ~ 120 mm diameter. Chemical fiber rope except for ship's mooring, also widely used in industrial, mining, transportation, sports and fishing, etc. Nylon cable according to the requirements of the special purpose, but also within the core into metal materials. To judge whether the three strands of rope, three strands twisted rope standard is divided into three indexes: the condition of a, twist or Marine rope yarn is the same as the two section produce nylon wire twisting winding number, expressed in the number of twist within per unit length, called a twist. Second, the twist Angle of Marine cable are used to measure twist Angle of different thicknesses of yarn twisting. To have become a cylindrical spiral bus after twisting, pitch for L, the pitch of helix unfolds for right Angle triangle. Spiral in office a little perspective of tangent with the axis into beta, referred to as the Angle of twist. Three, twist twist, a point on the Marine cable line section in the unit length of period of the arc length is called twist.
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