Abseiling is a technique of descending through

by:SanTong     2020-06-20
Abseiling is one of those activities that appear to be enjoyed by those who do not know of its risks. Consequently, most non-climbers like it. The reason for this is probably because most non-climbers have never done an abseil under anything but tightly controlled condition. Many may dislike for abseiling because they may easily go wrong. But enough preparation, proper knowledge of the aspects of climbing technique, having the necessary equipment and gear, physical and mental readiness, and understanding of the possible risks are essential in Abseiling. Because of the dangerous involved, abseiling should only be done under the supervision of trained climbers. For all these risk involved we throw our arms to you to enjoy the world of abseiling in one of the best settings in the world, the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Our adventurous abseiling course is designed for participants with little or no previous abseiling course. We begin our journey with a safety briefing and training session using practice abseils at our specially selected abseiling area. The subjects we cover include the fitting of harnesses and the use of descending devices, familiarization with important safety procedures and how to use the correct abseiling skills and techniques. The abseils at the practice area also offer a great opportunity to develop and work on your individual abseiling style. The good news is that special gift coupons are offered. So either you can give a gift coupon to your friend or you can get yourself harnessed in and come and join us up here on the aerial high ropes. While we place much emphasis on fun and adventure and we will also teach you the important skills you will need to go abseiling in safety anywhere. The big abseils are offered on a challenge by choice basis and you are free to go as you wish. From the towering vertical walls to sheer cut overhangs and forwards rundown, the challenge is your choice. At the end of the journey you will receive an abseiling certificate. A basic level of fitness is required to participate but no previous experience is needed. Our guides will teach you everything you need to know to abseil with confidence. The guides and the instructors are well trained in safety drills and know their equipment and will ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for you.
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