Acid and alkali chemical reagents such as what are the implications for Marine cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
A, the geographical position and sea state meteorological berth berth geography and weather, sea conditions is the main reason for the broken cable of the ship. For example: fast in rivers, current location, or river intersection of haikou, affected by the strong surge port berths, as well as the strong winds baiting port berth; The typhoon season strong wind blows, the flood, large tidal surge, snap up, and fell down, down the dock outside profile of water, low water before and after the bad weather such as jet; Stern to upstream of rivers, wharf pile length is short, less or position, dockside channel narrow and often ship after, wharf and no wind around the high side, low content such as the external environment. 2 and its factors ship their own factors, mainly because of the huge volume of large ship, the upper towering buildings, windage area, under the affected by strong winds, lead to tensile strength of the effect on the mooring line before and after will be very large; As large quality of large ships, such as affected by surge vessels to move up and down before and after the ups and downs, large inertial impact cable tensile friction will make the system more strong; Ship itself exists some defect and disadvantage also easy to cause broken rope, such as obesity, hull mooring number less, cable broken, aging, Marine cable strength is insufficient and uneven, mooring equipment is not complete or the guide rope device failure, etc. Three, man-made ship off the artificial factor is mainly in the system of cable, steady period, attendants work negligence, the ship's safety patrol work does not reach the designated position, failed to timely according to the tidal loading/unloading adjustment and Marine cable, resulting in broken line. Cable in a nutshell, broken line mainly has three conditions: one is, in effect, a strong surge, breakage rope is often because the cause of mooring oscillation for a long time, cable and pipe the repeated friction, hull protrusions or dock cause serious wear and tear, or due to swell the cable tension repeatedly stretch contraction caused by uneven mooring internal fatigue stress injury, after damaged mooring the actual breaking force of less than the swell of the ship oscillation caused by the force and break off. Two is under strong wind influence, if not large ship draft and deck with multi-layer container caused by wind area is large, heavy gustiness winds cause instantaneous powerful thrust to ship, if the mooring uneven or cable before and after the situation is bad, will easily more than the actual breaking force of rope broke. Marine cable under the influence of three is in the rapids, if large overloading ship draft is underwater stress area is large, the jet stream to cause instantaneous powerful thrust a ship, if the mooring uneven or cable before and after the situation is not good, also easy to more than the actual breaking force of rope broke.
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