Across the globe, the 'I 'Heart' NY' logo is sported

by:SanTong     2020-06-25
Anyone who owns vinyl records from the 60's probably has one or two of his famous designs right in their own home. Hardly anyone knows his name even though his work is recognized worldwide, but the question is - is this art? But when do those designs become art? Do they ever? The graphic designer responsible frankly does not care. He doesn't even like to use the word 'art'. There is simply work, and sometimes upon very rare occasion when a work is truly moving and astounds us, there is great work, he once remarked in an interview. Even that which we traditionally accept as art would be better regarded as work. If you think about it, this concept makes sense - if someone accomplishes something we say they did a good job, when the miss what they are aiming for we call it bad. Sometimes called the Picasso of design, he once featured an exhibit that traced his wanderings through life. In the show he utilized red rope to show the attachment of each work to its inspiration. He posted the process drawings and sketches that proceeded the final work as well. He wanted to show the process of creating the design. While the final destination is at first unclear, through deliberate wanderings that follow one thought to its next logical progression, the maze is solved. An additional gorgeous painting was inspired by an angel postcard and paper wings. He hung the items on a wall facing another angel to create his complete project. A comic strip is hung across from another stunning work. The poster depicts a notable pianist sneezing, making a satire of generalizations involving classical music. The artist refers to the world as his visual resource. One poster that he designed for a typewriter company in Italy utilized a famous painting as its theme to convey a distinct message. In the original piece, a dog lies mourning by the feet of its deceased master. In the poster, a red typewriter replaces the deceased master. He helped open a very authoritative studio in New York City; this studio has aided graphic design to grow immensely. He also co-founded one of New York's major magazines, which influenced the tone of magazines all over the country. He has also designed an observation deck, restaurant and exhibition that were included in the World Trade Center. Additionally, he created the international AIDS symbol and poster, and a chain of grocery stores as well. He was always intent on finding out how far he could push boundaries, and says he's always had a wide variety of interests. The poster depicting a notable male singer is one of his most recognized works, and there have been over 6 million copies printed. The profile in this elaborate and wild work can also be traced back to a piece by another famous artist, to which the graphic designer's work was a response. According to the artist, many people think he must have been on drugs when he created the work. Naturally, he says he has never been involved in drug usage. Besides two-dimensional designs he's also created massive playgrounds for both children and adults.
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