Adding a thoughtfully designed outdoor living

by:SanTong     2020-06-08
Scale It is important to keep the scale or size of your space in mind when creating and decorating it. If you have a small yard a large living space with oversize lawn furniture will look like too much and will take away from the overall appearance. Style Consider carrying over your indoor style into this outdoor area. It doesn't need to be exactly the same, but it should be able to blend without feeling like you stepped out into the yard of a different home. Also create a focal point; the focal point can be an outdoor fireplace, a seating area or a water feature. Seating Area The seating area is an important part of this outdoor space, but what you choose will vary on how you plan to use this area. If you only have a small area you may simply want a bistro set to make it feel like an outdoor cafe. If you have a large space and you plan on entertaining you may want both a patio dinning set and a set that feels like outdoor living room furniture. If you live in a sunny environment you may also want to add a patio umbrella. Lighting Outdoor lighting is another important component to consider when designing an outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can be as simple as string lights or rope lights and candles or it can involve a variety of other lighting options depending on your budget and the look you want. Low voltage and solar lights offer an inexpensive way to light this space. Wildlife If you enjoy bird watching you can incorporate bird feeders or bird houses into this outdoor space as well. For many of us part of the fun of spending time outside is enjoying time out in nature with the plants and animals. This is a great way to draw some of nature to this area. Once you have created this outdoor extension of your home you may wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
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