African Grey Toys: In terms of to raising African

by:SanTong     2020-04-27
Think of the parrots in the jungle. They climb, pick things using their beak and claws, they will tear at fruit with their beaks and claws. In captivity they get to sit on a perch all day long, must be joyful no matter how bored to death and dismal they are, and they must entertain you. African Grey parrots are intelligent birds and require to exercise their brains as well as their bodies. I feel all birds are intelligent but don't have ways to exhibit it as they simply sit within a cage all the time. Nonetheless, of all the bird species the African Grey is the most intelligent and needs to be stimulated. The best way to stimulate your parrot when you're at home, is with toys. However, toys need to be swopped around so that your African does not get bored with the toys. Parrot toys are pricey, for me to buy a toy that is only going to be torn apart is a waste of money. Invest in a toy box for your parrot toys. When changing your parrot's toys, repair the damaged one, and place into toy box. Anytime you notice that a toy your parrot is playing with is close to being not repairable replace, fix and pack away for future use. Don't run out and go buy any bird toy for your parrot. You must choose wisely, making sure that it is the right size and definitely not made of tiny pieces that can break off. This naturally happens when the inaccurate toys are purchased for your parrot. Buying a toy for a smaller bird can easily break and if your parrot swallows it, it could be stuck in his throat. Make sure that the toys have no sharp edges that might cut him or even pierce him. When buying toys on a chain double check that that the chain is strong enough for you to pull on without breaking, the strength of your African Grey is grossly underestimated. Make sure that all the links are securely closed. Don't purchase equipment which may have varnish or alternatively urethane woods, wooden equipment should be colored by using safe coloring agents such as food coloring. Be sure that if you buy toys with plastic, the plastic must be hard so that your parrot won't be capable of bite through it. When buying metals be sure that it is not treated metal, this can be lethal. Make sure that there are no sharp edges. Usually the metal toys really should be manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum since stainless steel completely safe concerning birds. Lead together with zinc toys are hazardous to the birds and must not be bought even if the toy is cheaper. Here is a useful suggestion when intending to buy metallic toys for your African Grey. In order to make certain to be buying stainless steel, have a magnet on hand. If your magnet is attracted to the item, it's not 100% stainless steel and could have an undercoating of another metal source such as iron or zinc. Most of all and I know parrot toys are expensive; don't buy cheap toys that won't last long. Rather make your own. Don't buy cute furry little toys that can be ripped apart and chewed. This is incredibly hazardous, as your African Grey will swallow what is in his mouth. There are a number of different toys for different functions. There is the puzzle toys designed to get your African Grey to use his grey matter. They vary from solving puzzles to get a treat, such as opening a box to find the treat inside to putting coloured shapes together. Some toys are made for foraging; this could include the puzzle toy of find a treat in a box. There are balls with treats in them and your parrot needs to find away to not only keep the ball still, but to also to retrieve the treat. Like your nails, the African Grey parrot's beak does not stop growing, so you need to make sure that it is kept at the appropriate size. In the wild he would be looking for a way to crack open a few hard shells using his beak, will chew on thin twigs, and utilizing his beak to help him climb up the bark of a tree. This keeps his beak trimmed to the correct length and strengthens the beak. You need to copy that for him in your own home by supplying chewable toys for him. Give him puzzles containing nuts that need to be pried open with his beak, a thick perch for him to climb up using his beak and even good sized wooden toys that can be taken apart. Parrots really like to chew, if it looks chewable it will be chewed, if it doesn't look chewable it gets tested. Be prepared that all the toys will be chewed. Consequently, I would advise you to have chewable toys. This strengthens the beak and wears the beak down so that it is good shape. Foot toys, so called because these toys is manipulated by the birds' feet. Toys that can easily be manipulated by the birds' feet are good exercise for the feet. When making a perch or buying a perch try to get it in assorted thicknesses better yet try to get a thick tree branch. Climbing Toys is great exercise toys that workout the entire body. You can have a good device for them to climb up and down. Sturdy rope is also superb for climbing and when unkempt your parrot might try to groom the rope. There is a superb variety of toys obtainable for your African Grey and there are a lot of toys you can easily make yourself, all you need is creativeness, understanding what role the toy plays and most times you have all you need at home to make them. I will discuss homemade toys in another article. Remember toys are not just toys they are functional as well. They serve a greater purpose than just a mere plaything. If you would like to know more please visit my blog.
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