After the safety rope to use inspection matters needing attention

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
As we all know, the safety rope is a rope, broadband, made of rope or chain belt. The longest is 2 meters, used to connect to bearing device and the whole body harness. Safety rope types including braided rope, ribbon and wire three styles. Wire rope safety rope itself has no extensibility, when used as a stop falling must use with damping package.     Safety rope USES a unique double preparation process, the variety usage is very extensive. Level on the safety rope used in steel frame level mobile operation safety rope. Because safety rope to horizontal installation, requirements of the rope needs to be smaller elongation and higher sliding rate, injection molding, the rope with wire rope steel wire rope elongation of small, accommodation, appearance of sliding performance is good, convenient for safety hook on the rope can easily move. Commonly used the rope diameter after injection of the specifications of the diameter of 11 mm and 13 mm, with rope clamp and westlands screws used. The rope is widely used in thermal power engineering of steel installation, and installation of steel structure engineering and maintenance. The vertical safety rope for protecting steel vertical move up and down the line. Commonly used with climb straight lock device, the requirement of the rope is not too high, can be compiled and grain, but to get to the international rules of tensile strength. The diameter of the rope in 16 mm - Between 18 mm, to achieve the diameter of the climbing self-locking device required.     Safety rope after each use is to have checked, the best inspection tool is your hand. They are sensitive to the rope on the abnormal place can detect. Said somewhere slants down, for example, and other places feel different thickness, or somewhere suddenly flat bottom go to, so all are to check. It will be better to use.     Safety rope is to prevent falling high homework personnel protective equipment is commonly used, use the safety rope in addition to the two most commonly used benchmark is: ( 1) Must have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the drop down when the body; ( 2) Can prevent the body to fall injury of a certain extent, learn to set up the safety rope, we have in hand the safety rope, for example, to talk about how to set up a safety rope.   1, safety rope walking level appropriate USES fiber core with a plastic sleeve 6 x 37 + 1 wire rope, its technical performance should be consistent with GBll02 strands wire rope the circle, and the production license and products quality certificate.   2 it is recommended that safety rope, safety rope manufacturers both ends should be fixed on the solid and reliable structure, winding shall not be less than 2 rounds in architecture, and architecture contact at the edges and corners should be cushioned.   3, safety rope fixed connection should use rope card ( Also called safety rope clip) , line card holder should be in one end of the wire rope kowtow, rope card number should be not less than three, rope card spacing should be not less than 6 times the diameter of the wire rope; Safety clamp installed in about 500 mm from the last chuck, rope head should be released after a safe corner again with the main rope clamp.   4, the safety rope fixed height should be 1. 1 ~ 1. 4米; 2 m per interval should be set a fixed point; After the safety rope fixed sag should be 10 ~ 30 mm.   5, hand the level of safety rope just as high operation under special circumstances, walking for aloft working personnel of the rope, strictly for the use of seat belts suspension point. Should always check the fixed end or fixed point have loose phenomenon, safety rope for damage and corrosion, broken stocks.   Safety rope set correctly can play its biggest effect, prevent the danger.
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