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by:SanTong     2020-06-17
Staircase workouts - Whether it is metro station, railway station, apartment, commercial complex or any college, you can find stairs everywhere. Even in cricket and indoor stadiums/houses, you can do this free workout. These exercises affect the entire body and enhance your overall personality. Hill Sprints and Wind Sprints - Search for any open area like field or park. Then, try 100 m & 50m sprint, and with each sprint take enough rest to catch your breath. So far, hill workout is concerned, a 20 to 30 minute workout is sufficient to warm up the body. It will also burn a great amount of calories. You can even try bodyweight free workouts like pushups variations, lunges, and floor abs for 15 to 30 minutes for outstanding results. And if you like these basic exercises, you can try for advance ones like those of one-legged squats and handstand pushups, one-arm pushups etc. Are you aware of ring trainings? Leveraging portable gymnastic rings, you can do exercises like ring pull-ups, hanging leg raises, horizontal body rows ring dips, ring pushups, L-sits and more. Almost all of us are aware of the fact that swimming is a great exercise. Stressing muscles and joints in the best possible way, the exercise is unique in itself. If you are looking to build muscles, go for a 'sprint' style swimming workout instead of long distance swimming. And if you are doing swim sprints, always try to have rest in between intervals. Are you aware of 'sandbag training' and 'motor biking'? These thrilling exercises have the potential to create wonders. But there is requirement of dexterity to perform both these exercises. Other exercises, which will excite and give you a new sense of feeling are indoor (or outdoor) rock climbing, stick wrestling, strongman training, rope climbing, rope skipping, bag boxing and jumping exercises to name a few. There is need of proper muscle building training workouts to all those, who desire strong muscles. Because the training will fasten up the progress. And don't worry about the expense because your each penny will be justified on the other side of the ledger.
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