Aluminum boats and fishing pretty much go hand-in-hand

by:SanTong     2020-06-13
Aluminum Bass Boats Safety Absolutely do NOT use drugs or alcohol while operating any boat including crappie boats or aluminum jon boats. Take a boater's safety course. If you don't pass, you probably shouldn't operate a small fishing boat. Be sure not to overpower your small boat by installing an engine that's too powerful. All boat brands including G3 boats, tracker boats and alumacraft boats are rated at maximum horsepower, exceeding this max rating can be very dangerous. Always watch where you're heading. Inattentive driving on the road is an obvious hazard, the same holds true when driving fishing boats. Fixating on gauges, or carrying on in-depth conversations with passengers while underway impede upon your ability to operate a small boat in a safe manner. Before starting the outboard, check that all fishing tackle, articles of clothing and any other loose items are safely secured. Make certain your passengers and you are always wearing Coast-Guard-approved lifejackets, or personal flotation devices, and that all required safety equipment is on board. Never assume that it's just another day on the water, an emergency situation can arise at any moment. Don't operate aluminum fishing boats without an emergency engine shut-off lanyard attached to your belt or clothing while the outboard is running. Make sure to lower your bass boat's pedestal seats, especially in the bow area, so that your visibility is not obstructed. Never let your passengers ride on any of the pedestal seats while the boat is underway. Never show off in your boat by speeding or making needlessly tight turns. Your passengers' safety and the safety of other people on the water is your responsibility. Exercise common courtesy while operating aluminum bass boats. Don't run your jon boat too close to other fishermen or boaters, not only is it annoying but it's unsafe. Be extremely cautious in no-wake zones or other posted areas. Launching Aluminum Boats Launching your small fishing boat is like riding a bike. Once you get used to doing it, you never lose the skill. Before going to the water with your new jon boat, practice backing the boat trailer in and out of your garage or driveway. Once you have a feel for how sharply to turn the steering wheel, and which direction the trailer will go when you steer in a certain direction, it's time to put the aluminum boat in the water. The best rule for remembering which way the trailer will turn when you turn the steering wheel is to to put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. Whichever direction you want the trailer to turn, simply move your hand in that same direction. Once you get to the lake, do not block the boat launch ramp. Pull into an area that is free of traffic when preparing welded aluminum jon boats or crappie boats for launching. Double-check that all life jackets and PFDs are onboard, secure the hull plug (a common oversight), remove all tie-downs and tilt the engine up for sufficient clearance. On steeper ramps, it's best to keep the bow rope attached until you are close to the water. Aluminum fishing boats and welded aluminum jon boats are relatively easy to launch, but practice makes perfect. Once the fishing boats are ready, slowly back down the ramp. Keep an eye out for other aluminum jon boats, swimmers, etc. It's very helpful to have a friend stand near the ramp to make sure your path is clear, and that the boat launch is safe. If you're all alone, attach a line to the bow eye, slowly back up your trailer until the back end begins to float in the water, engage the vehicle's parking brake, then get out of the truck, and push the boat off the trailer. Attach the rope to a nearby dock or object until your car is moved. These basic launching tips apply to all aluminum boats including alumacraft boats, tracker boats and G3 boats. For more information, visit today!
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