Analyses the Marine cable use daily inspection and maintenance requirements

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The cable link. For easy wear parts, the old hose can be cut open after several cables in the outsourcing may wear. Due to berth, practice, it is difficult to accurately the location of the disposable bag may be prone to all wear, but because most of the ore carrier in Brazil alignment navigation, berthing port is fixed, believe that after a few trips to the basic package in place. After each berthing in easy wear position mark, after waiting for departure, supplementary bandage. Shore mooring equipment segment. Sometimes the shore mooring equipment can cause damage of Marine cable. As the author's ship during horse trails mountain port of discharge, shore stern one breast a cable guide roller will this ship cable sheath worn off. After berthing, therefore, have to check and analyze the terminal mooring bollard departments, guide rope wheel and other facilities and the distribution of stress will lead to Marine cable wear, once found timely measures should be taken to adjust, and communicate with terminal bargaining. Berthing operation training. Any time we can not ignore the crew training, good training and the crew to master operation skills are the foundation of all work. Before berthing, therefore, must strengthen the theory and field training of workers, understand beforehand by berthing facilities and hydrological characteristics, familiar with the mooring operation especially cable adjustment notice. Urged to remind staff on duty during the berthing strengthen patrol, according to swell, tidal, and timely adjust Marine cable cargo loading condition, found the abnormal situation to take timely measures to deal with. Use daily inspection maintenance. If use after a period of time to find new cable sheath damaged phenomenon, a small area of the repair damage can use small string leggings type, consider removable nipple only use a large area of damage. If both ends are damaged, then consider using standby Marine cable replacement, told in advance after the ship return purchase, purchase place situation and arrangement will be returning to the manufacturer to reweave the sheath cable ( The premise is the inner core polymer polyethylene material was not damaged) Sent again after use. Reweave the cost of the sheath is very low, the effect is very good. Leggings type repair method is to use wear small string ( Such as nylon rope about 2 mm in diameter) , starting from the damaged at point about 20 cm outside through the sheath fastened, then overlay the coils will damage, pay attention to the string must be tightened, otherwise the effect not beautiful. Daily learning organizations 12 strands of rope eye splice interpolation and the interpolation, make the crew can skilled operation.
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