Analyses the role of Marine anchor Marine cable manufacturer

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine anchor role is the following:, stabilise the ships. 1, Marine anchor, if you want to play a role, the main basic condition is in the ship's anchor to hook on things such as at the bottom of the sea.   If the ship's anchor is not long enough, Marine anchor will not work. And if the bottom of the sea is smooth, or is the anchor caught in the things is not fixed, or hook is not too fast, if it is a calm can also, but the waves of the sea is too big, can not cause Marine anchor, deprive the anchor role, this is called the 'anchor', the ship was anchored, during a walk anchor, it is very dangerous, because the ship in the host are usually stopped when it broke down, and if we immediately, take time, have no incentive to ship floating around is very dangerous. So, just have the concept of the anchorage, anchorage, the implication, the bottom of the rough, in addition, to shelter.   2, the weight of the ship's anchor for the weight of a ship is negligible, little friction, not little. In addition, if you pay attention to, in general, the anchor when the ship, the chain is straight, what do you think of the chain will friction? If you're at the beach, will find that there are a lot of little fishing boats and their chain is thick rope.   3, we saw on the ship, the ship's anchor is very straight, but below the water, and there will be a sea plane close to the ship's anchor holding power, and then through the chain transfer to ship to resist the effects of external load on location of ocean currents, waves are a is on the bottom is to consider to consider the influence of stress, an anchor, is easy to go to the chain just pull anchor with a stick on the bottom of the sea, can provide a margin within a certain range is ok. Is the weight of the anchor is not big, but how much Marine anchor is specified, this is why Marine anchor can produce holding power, and their own inertia force factor chain friction also has a role, as a general rule, if met big waves in the deep sea, it basically can only see the meaning of god.
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