As an event organiser, you may be thinking that

by:SanTong     2020-05-11
As specialists in the industry, they have provided their superior structures to all manner of events across the country and beyond; from Glastonbury festival to the Suffolk show. Their marquees are renowned for their strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. Earlier this year they were proud to launch their hotly anticipated festival tent; the structure features coloured external black out panels which are ideal when looking for a festival tent that facilitates lighting effects. As a festival or event organiser you will undoubtedly place great importance on all health and safety issues. Choosing this highly regarded festival tent means you can breathe easy as the structure does not require internal poles and guy ropes. This company fully understand that whilst some will be looking for an unusual marquee such as the Chinese hat style, others will simply be looking for a traditional marquee. Whilst they are pioneers in the development of new designs, they are also on hand to provide high quality traditional structures that benefit from an elegant, classic design and still continue to erect the marquee entirely by hand. For those seeking to achieve the maximum amount of floor space and efficiency, a clearspan tent could be the perfect solution. Clearspan tents are constructed from aluminium frames and PVC covers and also do not require internal supports or external guy ropes. Suitable for all manner of occasions, the clearspan structure is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional marquee. Start the process of ensuring next year's festival or event is the best it has ever been by contacting this professional team to discuss the wide array of marquee hire options they are able to provide. If you would like to see examples of each marquee they are able to provide, start by visiting their website today and browse through their online gallery at your leisure.
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