At the same time solve many Marine cable send the cable is not easily controlled

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
An offshore support ship mooring onshore to starboard. Stern mooring device including two spring inside, as well as the outside of the two stern line, are on the bitt ( Such as shown) 。 Ship unmoor personnel and the driver safety meeting before work, getting ready for departure. Trend for about 1 when you leave the port. Section 5 of the speed to the stern. Leave port operation plan is running inside ( Starboard) Azimuth thrusters to offset the trend, with the lateral ( Port side) Azimuth thrusters to keep the ship they drift away from the shore. The captain, chief officer and ports of pilot in the bridge at the time. The captain and pilot discussed departure plans, but limited to the steering, unmoor not mentioned. Cable bridge settlement before by holding a uhf wireless telephone communication. Pilot solution from the shore line workers with VHF wireless telephone conversations.   Stern unmoor staff is composed of two monohydrate, each stand next to a group of bollard. Shore unmoor workers put the spring loose from the pier bollard. Starboard monohydrate will withdraw the deck, the end of the spring on the bollard. Then, the port monohydrate and loosen the two stern line. Then, shore unmoor workers will be the first line and stern line untie from the shore, and the end of a Marine cable thrown into the water. However, two Marine cable is too heavy for monohydrate, difficult to recover at the same time. When he tried to take one of the cable, the other is sucked into a azimuth thrusters suction mouth. Worse, he was recovered in the Marine cable and ground into the propeller soon became entangled in the cable.   Warning and told that their plight, he immediately to the bridge at the same time two propellers parking requirements. However, the captain realized to stop propeller will not be able to control the ship again. He also don't know which propeller inhaled the rope, he will be left side thrusters azimuth set to zero, and adjust the starboard propeller azimuth, maintain the ship they drift away from the shore, offset the trend at the same time. At the same time, the inside of the sailor ran to the port for help. Even so, two sailors also can't control of the two stern line, stern line from their hand. At this time, one of the sailors accidentally stepped into a rope, the foot was immediately Marine rope tightening, people with ran outboard of the cable towards the chock. Another sailor before seized him, in the cable in the pipe before falling speed is fast, managed to free his feet. Fortunately the sailor foot only bruises, the ship has also been mooring onshore again, no further accident. 1. When multiple rope mooring, at the same time solve multiple cable is asking for trouble. Unless otherwise reasonable consideration, it's good practice to solve Marine cable as good a solution first. Another practical skills is given the solution when the port cable is practical, and before the departure statement and work safety meeting discussed in unmoor expected procedures and methods. 2. Not everyone will be mind-reading, can predict intention to others. Don't assume that others will according to your wishes, also don't want to unlock a Marine cable loosen the two. 3. In case of an emergency, fast thinking is the key, but it takes a little time to weigh the risks and benefits of alternative action method are equally important. In this case, if stop propeller and do not take other measures to make ships is not controlled, however, for the captain realized that the time is only a few seconds.
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