Baja is more than white sandy beaches. There is

by:SanTong     2020-06-18
The Baja Peninsula does offer those white sandy beaches and to-die-for spas. There is the ocean to cool off in, to scuba under and to snorkel in a semi-submerged state. The waters are clear and warm. There are still so many other attractions to Baja than the water, sand and spas that you must keep an open mind when planning your trip there. Leave the sand to others and go hiking on one of Baja's numerous mountain trails. Resorts offer hiking and safari adventures going deep into the peninsula's dense forests. There are photo ops aplenty along the way for amateur and professional photographers alike. The stunning food you will enjoy while trekking is worth a picture all to itself. Venture to the Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve and view its magnificence through the canopy of a high altitude zip line. The adventure isn't over yet. Test your strength against your friends climbing natural rock walls. Race your friends across rope bridges draped through the vast landscape. Under the supervision of the reserve's experienced guides, you be totally safe while having the time of your life. Don't just go under the ocean. Hop on a sailboat and watch the dolphins for a while before you jump in and swim with them. In the winter months, stay on the boat and watch the migrating humpback whales breach the water's surface as they move south. Baja is also duly famous for its deep water sports fishing. Expert fishermen will take you to all the best spots for yellow fin tuna, roosterfish, marlin, bonito and sailfish, all common to the area. Catch yourself (and all your friends) a tuna weighing in at over 25 pounds! Now that you've done that, get in a glass bottom kayak for a scenic tour. You will discover the gorgeous, colorful wildlife of Baja both in and out of the clear blue waters. Sea lions, marine birds and schools of flamboyantly colored fish are just a few of the exotic creatures abounding on the Baja peninsula. Don't leave without absorbing some Mexican culture. In February, the lively town of Todos Santos puts on a not-to-be-missed art festival. You will gaze upon local paintings, sculpture and ceramics all hand made by extremely talented local artists. There are also dancers and musicians for the audience's enjoyment of the traditional performance arts of this region of Mexico. Sure, Todos Santos is home to the infamous Hotel California made famous by the Eagles. Check that out, of course, but don't spend too much time there. Get out in the streets where the real fun is happening. Local festivals are a wonderful way to soak up any land's culture and Mexico teems with festivals all year round. Be sure to try the native dishes like smoked marlin tacos, homemade pastries and wine, ceviche and crab rellenos. There are handmade crafts by native artists that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Don't eat at the hotel wherever you are. Take a side trip and find some tasty street food or small cafe. Don't worry about finding the right place to eat, the long lines are a dead giveaway of the quality and flavor of the food being served. A long day of hiking, fishing, and soaring through the canopy deserves a meal to match. Baja, Mexico is the only place that can bring you all that and a camel ride on the beach. There's always something more to do than work on your tan. But after all the excitement, you might need a day on the beach to relax while you soak some sun.
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