Cable and cable shall be fixed how effective?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable car ordinary meaning refers to the hanging box cableway is bigger, can hold many people, and divided into aerial cable car and rail cable car on the ground. Is through the motor drive, can convert electrical energy into the machine, through the cable will be sent to the destination. So the cable car to cable fixed? Cable car is driven by drive, wire rope traction train along the laid on the surface and has a certain slope of rail cable car running, to raising or lowering of people and goods transportation machinery. It used for industrial and mining areas, cities and scenic area of transportation. The use of steel rope traction, implementers or cargo transport generally referred to as the purpose of the equipment or general appellation. The cable car, 缆车) Is the use of steel rope traction, the realization of people or goods transport generally referred to as the purpose of equipment or a name. Cable car route choice should avoid the ramp ups and downs change is too big, in order to save the capital construction cost. Rail slope is 15 ° ~ 25 °. According to the condition such as traffic, terrain, the distance, the line can be designed into a single, dual track, monorail middle add wrong lanes or transfer station, and other forms. Cable car running speed is generally not more than 13 kilometers per hour. In order to adapt to the terrain conditions and comfort of lines, manned car seat should be parallel to the horizontal plane and a cascade, so that the staff up and down and loading and unloading of goods. Cable to cable fixed way is: break the packing of the cable, pulling a hung on a cable car, scroll 'in accordance with the rope, the rope can be rolled into the machine, is very simple, just a little effort.
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