Cable factory is introduced in the process of climbing protection measures

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Rock climbing is an exciting sports limit, a lot of young people like to stimulate people love rock climbing, especially in a foreign country, rock climbing is very popular, but climbing is also more dangerous sports, to make good protection, otherwise easy to accident, climbing what problem should note? Free-climbing climbing the biggest danger is probably like it comes from, this case it's easy to have a protective measures for not doing enough. But for the danger we can very well to avoid. Like it, for the sake of your health, also to yourself, to family responsible for, please give up this stimulus dangerous behavior, completes the protective measures for himself. Not familiar with the matter of course for rock-climbing venues, especially natural rock climbing venues some irresistible external factors are also risk a big source of rock climbing. Like people in natural gym climbing because can't fully understand familiar with the surroundings, potential risk is huge. Like in the natural rock climbing area for rock climbing, please before for rock climbing, fully understand you are going to conquer the mountain geological structure, history, natural disasters, etc. , in order to let you be better prepared. Inadequate protective measures in the process of climbing is the importance of protection measures. If before for rock climbing, protection measures was not well prepared and not complete can't deal with well climbing the possibility of various emergency; One is climbing protection tool quality closes nevertheless may also affect its role in protection. The weather reason, of course, like climbing you like you can also choose a good weather for rock climbing, to reduce the emergence of mountain disasters because of bad weather. Actually for rock climbing, as long as we are able to do a good protective measures for oneself, is basically no risk of the sport. What problem should note climbing before choose the right clothes for climbing, need to choose the right clothes, do not wear shorts and capris, wear loose clothing. Wear shorts when climbing easy ceng broken skin, tight pants can interfere with the uplifting of the legs and flexibility. Shoes, also want to wear professional climbing shoes, if wear normal shoes, in the process of climbing, soles of the feet will be very uncomfortable, is more vulnerable to injury. Plan for rock climbing routes to choose good climbing route before climbing, because different height, Angle of the rock, different position and size of rock, the difficulty level will be different. To be chosen for their own line. Wear safety gear when climbing rope, fasten your seat belt and protection equipped with ropes and thank you for your cooperation. Wear safety gear when neither tied too tight nor too loose, too tight, will affect your posture, climbing and too loose, easy to fall off. You'd better keep a finger between the legs and width. Knee, shoulder, elbow pads and helmets also cannot lack, especially when climbing in the field. Don't wear ornaments should cut the hands finger nails short before climbing, to put their hair to long hair, when climbing may not wear bracelets, watches, rings or other accessories. To warm up in the process of climbing, like big leaping movement, if insufficient warm-up exercise is done, it would be easy to cause injury. It is best for jogging 10 - before climbing 15 minutes, can let the body heat up slightly, and then stretching, let the body's muscles, joints, ligaments do slow stretching, accelerate the circulation of blood in the body gradually. Warm-up exercise can help when climbing with better state investment and avoid sports injury. Remain calm and patient in rock climbing, may appear suddenly can't find the fulcrum, or other difficulties, you should keep calm at this moment, rely on sober judgment, strong will, to determine how to solve the problem. Note the posture of climbing through the coordination of limbs, keep three stick wall, maintain the body's centre of gravity on the forefoot, lighten the load of the fingers and arm. How to communicate with partner before climbing should be with the details of the partner company good climbing. And rock climbing can also communicate with your partner, in order to avoid to talk or shout in the climbing hear, can consult before climbing good communication. Such as pull the rope, to pass information. Do a more heavy protection for your protection system for a few more protection, must not give life to separate protection points. One thousand components out of the question, you can also use other. Such as head line protection system can not only use a guard point, to connect two guard point force together. When the rock before check protection system under you also want to pay attention, should inspect before the next rock protection and protection system, to ensure that the correct then. And the rock is must facing the wall, body lean back slightly, you can also use pedal to master the direction and speed of the falling rock. Otherwise, you may have to close contact and rock.
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