Cable manufacturer of Marine anchor classification and arrangement

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Many different kinds of Marine anchor, high holding power Marine anchor commonly used drilling platform. This is the main characteristics of Marine anchor holding power can only be guaranteed when the pull is horizontal direction, if the tension with a vertical component, holding power is reduced, Marine anchor will be unearthed. Experiments show that the anchor shaft turn 6 upwards. Holding power began to decline, the anchor on the handle to turn 12. A significant reduction in the holding power. Accordingly, when anchoring must make the lower end of the chain and the tangent of the sea, or are at risk of dragging. Cable anchor is also use this feature, upward pull cable anchor shaft lift, loss of anchor holding power, finally break out of it. Ship's anchor to consider the choice of convenient operation, easy to store and economical, but the main is the anchor holding power. Marine anchor holding power on the one hand, because of the type of anchor is different and not gu known as, on the other hand is associated with the seabed soil. As ocean development towards the deep water, puts forward new requirements for anchoring. In deep water, if still require chain bottom and bottom tangent to ensure that the anchor holding power, the chain is very long. Therefore, to study can withstand the vertical force component of Marine anchor, such as using cement block or anchor pile. When meet lithological bottom not piling, can be used drilling perfusion anchor pile. Some anchor is designed according to specific underwater, in do not conform to the requirements of the design with the bottom of the case, the working performance of the anchor is poor. Although have various anchor holding power anchor holding power calculation formula in different sea conditions, but the real Marine anchor holding power need to determine by field test. Marine anchor equipment arrangement: larger ships, small and medium-sized ships and boats, Marine anchor arrangement. Marine anchor arrangement mainly chooses, in the form of anchor and anchor wire and anchor decision, in the form of machinery. One of the most common is to use rodless anchor, anchor chain and ( Horizontal) The windlass. After all the components selected above, Marine anchor equipment arrangement is mainly to determine the hawse pipe, chain stopper, windlass and the position of the chain locker. Which is the key to the determination of shape and the location of the hawse pipe, it will directly affect the performance of anchor, particular attention must be paid to the, therefore, the requirements of the following should be taken into account. 1) breaks down, can depend on the weight of the anchor itself, without any obstacles thrown from the hawse pipe. (2) anchor, under the effect of Marine cable tension, the anchor shaft can pull people hawse pipe smoothly, and unhindered. (3) the position of the side chain hole should be sufficient distance above the surface, otherwise cause spray splashing, and increase the ship resistance, impact navigation line of sight, for ships, also easy to reveal. (4) anchor, even if the ship to a port 5. Left and right sides, fluke won't stuck stem or keel. (5) Marine anchor dry after being drawn into the hawse pipe, the anchor should be able to close to the ship plate, Marine anchor head close to the flange.
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