Cable manufacturer to discuss what are the performance and use of nylon material

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Nylon is the outstanding scientists carothers ( 卡罗瑟斯) And under the leadership of a team of research and development, is present in the world of the first kind of fiber. Nylon is put a new face on the appearance of textiles, it is composed of fiber industry breakthrough, is also an important milestone in polymer chemistry together, by the company under the editor for everybody introduction: nylon ( Nylon) , English name polyamide ( PA) , it is rich in repeated amide gene - the main chain of the molecule ( NHCO] - The thermoplastic resin. Contains aliphatic PA, fat one aromatic good aromatic PA PA. Meanwhile, aliphatic PA variety, large output, is widely used, its name by the composition of monomers on the number of carbon atoms in detail. Nylon has many characteristics, therefore, in the automobile, electrical equipment, the mechanical structure, transportation devices, textile, paper making machinery is widely used. With the miniaturization of automotive, electrical and electronic equipment of high functional lightweight process accelerated, mechanical equipment, the need for nylon will be more higher. Nylon as a structural material, especially on its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc, put forward very high demand. The inherent defects of nylon and constraints, the use of important factors, especially the two big kinds of PA6, PA66, and PA46, PAl2 species than has a strong price advantage, although some functions can not satisfied the demand of the associated professional conduct. Therefore, it is necessary for a use area, after modification, the progress of its certain functions, to expand its use field. Because PA strong polarity characteristics, hygroscopicity strong, dimension stability is poor, but can be improved by modification. Nylon tube is not only the nylon material chooses is not the same trademark extrusion of various specifications for pipes and use caprolactam information pouring shape hard thick wall nylon tube. Polyamide is mainly used in synthetic fibre, the most outstanding advantage is wear resistance is higher than all the other fiber, 10 times higher than the cotton resistance to wear and 20 times higher than wool, somewhat to join in the blended fabric polyamide fiber, can greatly improve the wear resistance; When the stretch up to 3 - 6%, the elastic recovery rate is 100%; Can withstand hundreds of thousands of times fold scratching without fracture. The strength of the polyamide 1 - higher than cotton 2 x, 4 - higher than wool Five times, 3 times that of viscose fiber. But the polyamide fibre heat resistance and light fastness is poorer, retention is not beautiful, clothes made of dacron crisp. In addition, polyamide - used for clothes And nylon - 66 6 there are poor hygroscopicity and dyeing faults, therefore developed new varieties of polyamide fiber - — Polyamide - 3 and fiber formation 4 new polyamide fibre, have qualitative light, good anti-wrinkle resistance, good permeability and good durability, dyeing, and heat setting etc, therefore is considered to be very promising. Such products, widely used, is the plastic instead of steel, iron, copper and other metal materials, is an important engineering plastics; Cast nylon instead of mechanical equipment wear parts, instead of the copper and alloys for equipment wear resistance. Is suitable for making wear parts, transmission parts, home appliance parts, automotive parts, wire rod to prevent the machine parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment. Such as turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, shaft, dashboard, drive shaft, valve, blades, wire rod, high pressure washers, screws, nuts, seals, shuttle, Jane, bushing connector, etc. Instead of metals such as copper with polyamide has non-toxic, light weight, good mechanical strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, therefore widely used in instead of metals such as copper in mechanical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive and other industrial manufacturing bearing, gear, pump and other parts. Polyamide melt spun silk after high intensity, mainly for synthetic fiber and can be used as medical suture. Used in various medical and knitwear in civil, can be blended or pure spun into all kinds of medical and knitwear. Nylon filament yarn for knitting and silk industry, overflowing with single filar socks, stretch hosiery etc all kinds of wear-resistant, polyamide fiber socks, polyamide fiber fabric, mosquito nets, nylon lace, elastic nylon jacket, all kinds of nylon silk or mixture of silk goods. Nylon short fiber were used with wool or other chemical fiber blended wool type products, made from a variety of the abrasion wear cloth. On the industrial nylon used in the manufacture cord, industrial fabrics, rope, belt, tents, fishing nets, etc. Mainly used as a parachute on defense and other military fabric.
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