Cable manufacturers to introduce the nylon strapping rope related knowledge

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Bundling rope is commonly used in manual banding, must be low gram, strong tension, length, width and tidy enough, soft degree preferred. From the appearance can be divided into two kinds of tape, plane and foaming. Flat belt is the belt itself no lines, smooth as a mirror. And the so-called foaming is belt surface has grain, extension of winding up and fluffy. Plane tear with domestic manufacturer most production, foam type, because of higher technology content, new process can decrease the cost of consumables, bundling rope produce itself flexibility is good, feel is good, strong tension, low gram. At present, bundling rope a good situation, the prospect of cable manufacturers believe in the near future, the domestic market will flourish. Bundling rope, widely used in many industries, nylon strapping line is a new type of banding material, and below small make up together to learn.     1, the wide range of USES, nylon can be made into different properties of rigid and flexible products.     2, nylon rope, the rope is made of nylon materials, used for nylon rope is made of nylon slicing fibre through a series of processing.       3, roughly divided into two kinds of nylon fiber, nylon 6 and nylon 66, nylon 6 more extensive, the price is cheaper, and higher cost of nylon 66 yarn, the price is high.     4, nylon 6 and nylon 66 mainly lies in the difference between a 66 materials have relatively high heat-resistant properties and wear resistance properties, and there is no too big difference in terms of tensile strength. Nylon binding rope may occur when using split fracture phenomenon, this will seriously affect the use, small make up will come today to analyze the reasons for this phenomenon: production nylon strapping line may be the problem of raw material, good low temperature resistance of nylon rope itself performance is relatively poor, if it is in the cold winter is more easy to break. The reason of this phenomenon and nylon rope tied in the production of injection molding process of a certain relationship, some manufacturer in the process of production, increase cylinder temperature or speed up the injection time, this will lead to bundling rope quality problems. Another possibility is the temperature is low or relatively dry climate, nylon binding rope is easy to broken, so we should according to the specific conditions for specific analysis.
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