Childhood obesity is a concerning issue in Australia

by:SanTong     2020-05-07
The findings also showed that physical activity decreased with age increase, while participation in screen-based activities increased. The majority of the screen time involved watching television. Childhood obesity has serious impacts including proneness to diabetes, liver dysfunction, respiratory problems, and social trouble at school. Obese youth are more likely to remain obese as an adult. As parents, it is important to monitor the health of your children through healthy eating and exercising. Eat well Eating a variety of foods is essential for your child to gain all the nutrients they need to keep functioning. Adding 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day is vital. Maintaining the protein, carbohydrates and dairy intake is also necessary. Occasionally, treat your kids with chips, lollies and cake. But try to swap these high sugar and fat snacks with healthier alternatives such as fruit salad with yoghurt and vegetable sticks with dip. Keep your children hydrated with plenty of water rather than soft drinks and sugary fruit juices. Milk is another nutritious drink which provides their bodies with calcium for stronger bones. A great way to educate your children about healthy foods and eating is to get them to help you cook meals. When your kids help with the cooking, they can learn about the variety of foods there are and the importance of each of them. Play well It is important that your child gets at least an hour of physical activity every day including vigorous activity. Gateway to Sport is an initiative by the New South Wales Government for parents to find different sporting clubs in the local area. Swimming, soccer and netball are some of the most popular sports. But there are so many other interesting sports to choose from, including ice skating, rock climbing, lacrosse and trampolining. Keep a supply of clean school tops on hand, as your child may be getting them dirty and sweaty during after school sport. When indoors, watching the TV or playing on the computer are very appealing activities for the kids. They are fine for short periods. Try swapping the screen with activities such as jigsaw puzzles, painting or creating some science experiments. Motivate your children to have fun and be active during recess and lunch at school. Let them to take a skipping rope or handball to play with their friends.
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