Climbing trees can be a fun hobby or a necessary

by:SanTong     2020-06-26
What Types of Arborist Equipment are Available? There are a variety of different types of arborist equipment depending upon your needs and on the investment you want to make in climbing equipment. Hobby climbers may start with purchasing some simple arborist equipment such as climbing rope and throw lines and throw weights to ensure that the rope stays in place. A safety lanyard is another basic arborist tool and one that is not very expensive or complicated for a hobby climber. When you purchase climbing rope and throw weights, you may also wish to consider investing in ascenders and descenders. These tools help to maintain the level of tension in the rope, letting you advance more easily up the tree and helping to keep your body upright, allowing you to make better use of your body mechanics during your climb. Additional Arborist Equipment Options For more serious climbers, for maximum safety for hobby climbers, or for those who have to climb for a living, obtaining more equipment and equipment that allows for higher climbs may be necessary. A climbing saddle, for example, is used for work positioning and rescue and can protect against falls. Climbing saddles come in a variety of styles, including small versions for kids who want to climb trees, light versions for those who perform work, or full-body harnesses for those who need maximum protection. While a saddle protects you from falling and helps to anchor you, spikes and spurs can provide you with a boost you need to get up higher. Spikes and spurs allow you to get a better grip on the tree, making climbing easier and allowing you to achieve the height you need more easily. Spikes and spurs, too, can thus be a good addition to your cache of arborist equipment and can be used in conjunction with your other equipment including climbing rope and safety lanyards. Please remember spikes/spurs are only for dead trees or removals. Choosing Your Arborist Equipment Once you know what type of arborist equipment you need for your specific application, you need to choose where to get that equipment and what brands to buy. As you make this choice, you should look for companies that specialize in arborist equipment in order to have the best selection and the most knowledgeable advice from sales representatives. Remember, it is your safety that is at stake as the equipment may be the only thing protecting you in the event of a fall. Skimping on equipment, buying untested brands or going with a company that doesn't have a history of providing arborist equipment can thus come at a big cost.
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