Container ship market outlook

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Container ship can be divided into full container ship two and half a container ship, its structure and shape with general cargo ships are obviously different. Modern container ship is toward large-scale, quick running, multi-purpose direction. Though container ship development in China started late, development speed is fast. Built lots of container ships in our country, developing container transportation, Shanghai alone opens the article 29 of the international container liner routes, Shanghai port container throughput of more than one million teu. Shanghai is one of the largest port container throughput in the world. China's production of container loading and unloading machinery in Shanghai has reached the international advanced level, is widely used in the world's major ports. In recent years, our country also export container ships, ocean all over the world can see the figure of our country to build container ship. In short, in our country includes containers, container loading and unloading machinery manufacturing and exporting, container ship, to the construction of the large-tonnage container terminals, the construction of container fleet and the construction of the international container hub port, marked the container transport system in our country has entered the world advanced level. Container as the modern logistics is one of the most advanced tools, this seemingly simple invention and innovation will be tightly together around the world, it not only promote the development of an unprecedented international trade and shipping, more in promoting plays an extremely important role in the process of economic globalization. Container as a modern means of transportation to deliver the goods all over the world quickly and economic where needed, in international trade and played an indispensable role in the world economy. Although container transport in China started late in nearly 20 years, but with one of the few in the world average growth of 35%. Since 1993, our country has now created three in the world, the world, a container of first container production capacity type specification in the world, container volume has been the world for 16 consecutive years. As the demand of the international shipping industry, China's production of ISO ( The international standard) Container and the ISO containers almost all exports. The export situation of calendar year change along with the international trade and the change of market demand, the overall outer-plane and growth. Information source: Marine rope maker sichuan cable technology co. , LTD. Jiangsu ointment
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