Container ships rents fell the highest rate in four years

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Container ship can be divided into full container ship two and half a container ship, its structure and shape with general cargo ships are obviously different. Container ship loading and unloading speed is high, the port time is short, mostly using high speed, usually 20 per hour - 23 knots. In recent years in order to saving energy, generally USES the economic speed, about 18 miles per hour. In the coastal short voyages of container ship, speed just 10 miles per hour or so. In recent years, the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries import and export of groceries, about 70% - 90% use container transport.     Modern container ship is toward large-scale, quick running, multi-purpose direction. Though container ship development in China started late, development speed is fast. Built lots of container ships in our country, developing container transportation, Shanghai alone opens the article 29 of the international container liner routes, Shanghai port container throughput of more than one million teu. Shanghai is one of the largest port container throughput in the world. China's production of container loading and unloading machinery in Shanghai has reached the international advanced level, is widely used in the world's major ports. In recent years, our country also export container ships, ocean all over the world can see the figure of our country to build container ship. In short, in our country includes containers, container loading and unloading machinery manufacturing and exporting, container ship, to the construction of the large-tonnage container terminals, the construction of container fleet and the construction of the international container hub port, marked the container transport system in our country has entered the world advanced level.     Since 2011, container ships rents are facing a downward trend of the fastest pace in four years, including super panamax container ship face rents fall speed is beyond the other form. Due to demand lower, according to the trade winds, attains the rent at the end of ship lease re-enter the market, and more new ships are pouring into big, 5500 - 6500 teu container ship rate was only about $10000 / day, in the past month fell by a third. The current super panamax container ship in the market for more than $10000 / day the rents of the lease is rare, shipowners and even take a few weeks will sign a lease. This means that the super panamax container ship in this year's rent days may only 250 days or so, that is to say, because of the reduced effectively attains the rent days, annual average day rents than the market price of $10000 / day, a level closer to $7000 / day. Among them, in the near future as maersk freight sign rent a 5500 teu container ship 'March' ( Built in 2004) Rents, lease, 180, 9250 dollars, has shown container ship chartering market trend is falling. And such lease means the ship rents compared with the same period last year, the decline has reached to 40%. Analysts warn that the sharp drop in the chartering market is due to the increasing in the first half of this year the price of the callback. In the first half of the market is growing too fast, this situation cannot continue in the future time. Analysts also expect, with 5500 - 6500 teu ship returned lease expired, the ship back into the market is also one of the causes of falling rents. Long rent lease for these ships in the past, but now with the lease expired, have been back to the owner's hand. However, analysts also pointed out that the back of the ship is predictable, but the owner's expected panamax container ship demand growth has not come. Due to range trade demand in Asia, means that in the beginning of the year to rent the boat in the small vessels under 5500 teu also returned to the charter market, and the rents of super panamax container ship caused some impact. One analyst pointed out that due to the economic slowdown in Asia, Asia interval volume decreases. Medium-sized container ship had expected rise in demand, makes the owner choose to lease 5500 teu container ship this has not happened. In addition, 8000 - 9000 teu after delivery into new shipbuilding market is also super panamax container ship rents fall of one of the three important factors. Because of too much flood the market capacity, liner companies have to take to suspend or cancel flight service, which makes the idle power a substantial growth. And in the future one year's time, will be quite a number of ships for the lease expires, back into the spot market. Information source: Marine equipment manufacturers in jiangsu province sweet sichuan cable technology co. , LTD
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