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by:SanTong     2020-06-24
Firstly, there are a large variety of dog leads available on the market which are designed with you and your dog in mind, making training a fun and stylish event. Before you begin your personal training sessions with your pooch, you will need to get the right equipment. Once you have everything you need, (including a quality lead) follow these handy tips for leading your walk: 1. Make sure your pockets are full of yummy treats for the walk ahead. 2. Pick a walking route that isn't full of distractions, like other dogs. 3. The walk should begin as soon as you walk out of your front door - don't dawdle talking to neighbours, as this could confuse your dog. 4. Make sure you put the lead on before leaving the house and that the lead is no longer than 6 feet long. 5. Communication is the key to a relaxed walk with your dog. Verbally praising your dog for walking nicely followed by a treat reinforces her/his good behaviour. 6. If your mutt tries to pull on the lead either stop abruptly (don't yank on the lead, she/her will instinctively pull back) or turn clockwise. Do not continue with the walk until the lead has become loose and slack. 7. If she/he continues to pull regularly then stop until the rope has become loose and end the walk. The animal will soon realise that if he or she does not behave the the walk will be stopped and she/he will not receive any of those delicious treats. 8. Remember to give treats generously when earned. 9. Once you begin to see a prolonged period of good walking behaviour then lengthen the gap between treats. The trick here is not to regulate the treats too often, by throwing in a few surprise treats the motivation will still remain. 10. Finally, get some new footwear for those long, un-tugged walks that you can now look forward to. Returning to the basic, dog leads and collars are the most important equipment to help you on your way. Leads range from plain or leather leads to our colourful diamante leads, and the diverse kind of collars dog owners can get hold of means that you can choose a collar to match your dog's vibrant personality.
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