Different effects of cable supporting measures will also be different

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Ship has a long history, in the middle of the twentieth century, has had little book has written books about fishing type, the more famous is Hemingway's the old man and the sea, but whether in which time, you need to use fixed work items to ship, but modern is using a rope. Cable is soft, knot can be fixed, but there are strong abrasion resistance, can be more firmly fixed ships. Cable is basically the ships is necessary article, at the time of rest, the cable can be used to fixed ships, sailing in the process, the cable can be used to fixed on ships, prevent items with the shaking of ships collision; Sailing in return, the cable can help ships to dock faster; The cable is small, does the good helper of the ship. Cables are more widely application, both to the sea, fixed the ship, and may god, fixed the goods, then the rope what form a complete set of equipment? Cable widely used, different effects of cable supporting measures will also be different. If the cable and block hoisting tools such as collocation is used for lifting lifting work,, it requires the operator to wear a helmet and other protective measures. Lifting work, after all, there's a certain risk, and the head is the human is one of the important organs, before lifting work protective measures are necessary for the head. If use the cable of tug-of-war sport, there need participants wear protective tools such as anti-slip gloves. In this sport, the participants need to cling to the rope, wearing a non-slip gloves can hold the rope, to prevent the danger of her hand, also can better protect the safety of hand, to ensure the safety of the participants themselves.
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