Different kinds of Marine ropes series USES different materials are also different

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Di nima line imported wire (super di force With high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber filament, functional fiber) As the material, through special process carefully made, light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance, excellent durability, resistance to sea water, chemicals, resistant to wear, etc, and is ultraviolet (uv) radiation and the temperature difference, using quality unchanged; Di nima rope is easy to operate, fast, use safety, operation time is short, this series of products to fill the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level. Polyester fiber is an important variety of synthetic fiber, polyester fiber has very good shape, and polyester high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, polyester fiber moisture regain is small, poor hygroscopicity, good abrasion resistance, good light resistance, corrosion resistance, stain is poorer; After setting the generated flat polyester yarn or fabric, fluffy form or pleat, hitches in use for many times washing, can still be enduring. According to these characteristics of polyester, the people will be made from polyester cord, polyester originally belongs to the flexible material, made of polyester cord, soft with just make greatly increases the application range of polyester, not only can be used to make fabrics, clothing, etc. , can also involve using ropes, riflescope ( Sight) According to the heat of polyester rope, for example, can be used to rescue equipment; According to the polyester cord moisture regain is very small, poor hygroscopicity, can be used in offshore operations, etc. Rope series is various, heavy ropes have di nima rope, electric traction rope, winch rope, and it has flexible cord kite line, polyester rope, sling is a kind of uncertainty ropes, if used to decorate the tree is a flexible rope, if used for lifting heavy objects tied to the harness for heavy rope, lifting to heavy industry, such as safety, di nima rope, electric traction rope, sling rope winch and heavy industry in general is di nima material, because di nima di nima is one of the world's strong fiber is a kind of super polyethylene fiber, it provides great strength, with small weight in weight, the strength of the di nima 15 times that of steel, than the round fiber by more than 40%, di nima was also used to make the police and soldiers of bulletproof armor and clothes, see its mild, so choose di nima as di nima rope, electric traction rope, rope winch and condole belt material is preferred. Then light kite thread, polyester rope, decorate condole belt is polyester raw material choice, polyester is big advantage wrinkle resistance and conformal sex good, the heat resistance in synthetic fiber fabric is good material, thermoplastic, can make pleated skirts, pleated lasting, the melt resistance of polyester fabric is poorer, filled with ash and Mars formed holes easily, avoid cigarette butts, sparks when wearing contact, such as polyester fabric has good light fastness, in addition to the worse than acrylic, its fast ability is better than natural fiber fabric, especially the ability of fast behind the glass is very good, is almost equal with acrylic, polyester fabric all kinds of chemical resistance, good acid and alkali on the extent of damage is not large, not afraid of the mold at the same time, does not fear the bug eat by moth, on the basis of good light fastness, and not affected by the nature of the bug eat by moth, used in the preparation of polyester rope, string, and condole belt is a very good decorative supplies.
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