Difficulty: Medium

by:SanTong     2020-06-14
Length: long Requirements: level 14 pharmaceutical, level 14 magic, level 15 theft, level 25 Agility and level 40 mining. To beat level 68 ogre Needed items: 5k rsgp, nugget, a lighting candle, a death rune, a pickaxe, dragon bones, bat bones, Janger Berry (obtained in task), two ropes, guan leaf (level 3 herb), a bottle to fill water and the mill to grind drug. It is better to take a dragon shield to prevent being sprayed while meeting Blue Dragon. Bring a knife to break the spider webs. After collecting these things, you need to have a few spaces to put items obtained in other tasks. Task points: 4 Reward: 5,000gp; 15,250 Magic exp; the ability to use level 58 magic to fly to Watchtower and Yanille (if you magic skill points are enough) As to how to go to Yanille City, you can go to the wharf under F city and take a boat. It takes you 1,280gp to choose to arrive at Port Khazzrd. Then go toward the top left, you will see a grocery store; buy two ropes and go toward the bottom left to reach Yanille City. Starting point: Watchtower gets close to the Yanille City Door. Climb to the third floor from the window; talk to watchtower Process: 1. Search the bushes below the tower and get some fingernails or he will ask you to pick an eye patch, a dagger and some armor. Do as what he says. 2. After getting what he wants, go back to talk with watchtower. 3. Go to the first floor and pick a lighting candle; go to #2 to kill a bat and pick the bat bones. 4. Go to position #3 to talk with Og; he will give you a yellow key and ask you to get back his stolen toban's gold. You will see an island #4; tie rope in #5 with branches and talk with Grew, you will get the janger berries on the island. 5. Arrive at #6; talk with toban and give him dragon bone. You will get Relic Part 3. Kill the level 68 Gorad, you can get a tooth; open the box and you will find the toban's gold. 6. Go to #3; talk with Og; give him toban's gold; and get Relic Part1. 7. Back to the Watchtower #1 and talk with Watchtower Wizard; give three parts to him, and he will give you an ogre statue. Then you will enter into the Ogre camp. 8. Go to position #8, talk to guard two times and you can move to #9 to pick Rock cake. Do not eat it; go to #10 and give the cake to the two guards so that they can let you go to #11. Pay 20gp to soldiers in broken bridge and answer the puzzle given by level 83 soldier in #12. The answer is death rune. Give him death rune and he will give you scavid map. 9. Go to cave D; talk with scared scaid; he will teach you their language; leave cave and enter into the cave in order (#A, B, C, F); talk with the NPC; answer the correct signal as below: A. Bidith Tanath - Cur B. Gor with Cur - Ar C. Cur Bidith - Ig E. Tanath Gor - Nod At #13, you will see two guards; give them a nugget so that they will let you go. Walking along the road, you will reach #14; talk with Mad skavid and get the second crystal; pick several cave nightshades in the cave. Go to #15; apply cave nighthade on the level 83 guard. Walk toward to the north and go out. 10. Return to the starting points and talk with watchtower; fill the bottle with guam leaf, Jangerberries and grinded bat bones. Talk with watchtower again and then he will cast spells on the water. 11. Return to #15 cave; enter into the cave with the same method; use the water in step 10 to kill all shamans. When you kill the last shaman, he will drop the third crystal. Go to the middle island, and use pickaxe to dig the fourth missing crystal. 12. At last, go back to talk with watchtower and put the 4 crystals on the pillar. The task will be completed when the ceremony begin!
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