Disneyland Paris is the stuff dreams are made of

by:SanTong     2020-06-07
No matter the time of year, it can always be a winter wonderland on Disneyland Paris holidays. The park's ecological skating rink can be found at Disney's Hotel New York, transporting you right to the heart of the Big Apple and Central Park on a cold, crisp winter's day. Open daily, it is open to children of all ages and sizes and abilities and skate hire is available too. Whilst you may not be Federer or Murray, you can be your own tennis champ on the on-site, outdoor tennis courts. Show off your back hand, your volley or your serve or simply take this opportunity to play and teach the children this smashingly good game. You never know, you might have a future Wimbledon champion on your hands... Located just a short drive away is Golf Disneyland, a 27-hole course that's open all year round - you don't even need to remember your clubs or shoes as you can hire them both here! No matter your experience or player level, everyone is welcome. Those wanting a shorter game can take advantage of the three nine-hole course that begin and end in front of the Clubhouse. With a fully licensed bar and restaurant, it would be rude not to pop in for one or two. Although technically not a sport, the Davy Crockett adventure will definitely have you breaking a sweat and bringing out your competitive nature. Swing, jump and climb to the treetops of this fully-grown forest as you discover a whole new world above ground. Try your hand at the swings, trapezes, rope bridges and ladders or stay closer to terra firmer with the less high of activities. Make like the legend of Davy Crockett for a trek with a pony ride. This is for children only, so watch as your little ones mount a horse for the first time or show off the skills they've learnt at home. Don't be surprised if they grow fond of the horses and beg you to take them horse riding once you're back home! Encourage their enthusiasm into horse riding and you might see a whole new side to your children.
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