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by:SanTong     2020-06-07
Light path ways in style: The best tip you can ever have is - don't place lights al in straight line, because it creates an impact of runway. Choose soft and non-glaring outdoor lights (directing downwards) for pathways to lead your guests to the front door. Go friendly with solar lights: Solar lights aren't only an eco-friendly means of decorating garden area, but also an easiest way of using lights there. This is because this system doesn't need any wiring. You can simply put them in sunny spots and watch them glowing at night. Low power yet high effect: While low power or voltage bulbs can save you some energy, it can be a perfect solution to create an illuminated shady bend along your garden pathways. Moreover, you don't need a professional to do this job. Add drama to your garden: If you have a specimen tree or any other focal points in your front yard which make your house distinct, add a drama to this zone by installing a spotlights to accentuate those features. Turn the focus of the lights to the tree trunk or any other feature, but make sure that beam is away from your windows or your neighbor. Draw a line around landscape edge: Rope lights are inexpensive and a fabulous way to highlight the edge of your landscape bed. Roll out rope lighting around a garden patch and fix it in a place with wires. Try to hide them in the grasses to get hidden radiance. Highlight your front door: For welcoming bulbs, it is wise to combine safety with beauty. Use bulbs that adequately illuminate stairs and around your front door so that guests get enough guidance to enter your home. As far as styles are concern, take ideas from the architecture and theme of your home. Enjoy your deck after dark: If you can plan outdoor lights creatively, you will be able to add interest to your deck. Use soft bulbs that don't stress your eyes. Make an entry with two polls or install floor/wall light at the edge of the deck.
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