Do you know the purpose of a variety of Marine rope knot and play?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
1. About half hitch: all the basic knot knot. Purpose: to prevent sliding, or when the rope end protruding to be able to continue as a temporary to prevent to take off the line. Weakness: when the knot is too tight or wet when it is difficult to solve. 2. The figure of eight knot introduction: game is simple, easy to remember. Usage: can be used as a line of a temporary or simple suspension, braking point. Features: even on both ends of a tight, still can be easily solved. 3. Flat knot USES: will be the same at both ends of the rope are tied together. Applicable to link the same thickness, the same qualitative material of Marine ropes; But not applicable in a relatively thick, smooth surface of the rope. Features: the twist way once an error occurs, the result may become incomplete slipknot, exert oneself to do a Rachel will spread out. The knot if pulled too tight, it's not easy to solve; But if holding the line head, the side force and can be easily solved. Tips: left right, right, take a left. 4. Said one knot introduction: known as the king of the knot, is widely welcome in the world, in all kinds of outdoor sports, or even all walks of life used frequently in our daily life. Use: when a rope tied to other objects or form a circle at the end of the rope. Features: the appropriate junction appropriate solution, with warranty high security, wide range of USES, changeable. 5. Three sets of 'abstract: role and this knot, the same but more firmly. USES: used in vertical direction of the drag force. Other: also known as the rotation ( 滚动结) Mr Magnus junction ( 马格努斯结) , pull the knot ( 拉紧, 结行) , check hitch ( 塞结) 6. Fisherman's 'introduction: the knot is very easy to play, but it is hard to open it. Reason should be avoided in some good quality line, also is not good in will pull a tight rope, after pulled tight, it is difficult to solve. Purpose: connect the two rope rope together, is often hard and soft two rope. 7. The prusiks 8. Camp pin junction profile: allows you to knot in the rope to move up and down at any time. USES: used in finishing of various kinds of suspension rope. Features: may at any time adjust the rope looseness of 9. Contraction knots use: put long short, lest by too long and should cut short, also can use this method to strengthen the protection of the rope wear and tear parts. Characteristics: such as rope is too loose, then this is easy to loose and not work. 10. Connect a knot USES: the two ropes together. Features: easy to solve. 11. Department of wood knot/wood knot introduction: have a ring can be adjusted freely. USES: bind and drag items such as lumber. Features: although it is a convenient and reliable, but must be under tension, otherwise it will be loose and cause danger.
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