Do you know what plastic rope machine use?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Plastic rope mechanism for the rope when the end of the rope is fixed, need some way to prevent spread. The ropes fastened, to avoid wear and tear. Before making the rope need testing fiber. Test method: an overhand knot tied two long fibers together. To force pulling force when both sides is appropriate, such as fiber, snap shows that fiber too fragile brittle; If two separate fiber, fiber itself too slippery. Suitable for fiber will be twisted together. Rope machine working principle of the number of root yarn linear density, must be arranged in accordance with the technical requirements, and instead of yarn twist to twist into. Rope machine has two kinds: common type machine in the operation process of bread in addition to rotate around its own axis line, also follow the machine spindle running together, called turning spindle system of machine; Shares in the process of machine cake only around its own axis rotation and reciprocating motion, not with the machine spindle rotation, referred to as the constant stream of machine spindle system. Application of rope machine has greatly increased the production efficiency, reduce the system to the system of cable work program, no waste, waste generation, and the system of Marine ropes more beautiful and durable. Plastic rope machine use for a period of time, want to notice to maintain, so plastic rope machine maintenance check what?   Check whether the plastic rope pattern in the lubricating oil in the cabinet within the prescribed scope, picked up the ground rod drop to ensure that the oil in the middle of the two lines, but not too much to avoid oil spray. Check the turbine oil, oil can be made of mirror visual, lower than the oil mirror half need to add lubricating oil. Machine all drive gear parts for proper lubrication and maintenance, the maintenance once a week.   Polished rod line of polished rod thread parts for just the right amount of lubrication and maintenance, the maintenance once a week. Have to confirm the machine movement range without obstacles, to check at any time. Was carried out on the machine transmission parts, connecting parts of the screw fastening, in order to avoid loose influence plastic rope machine is running, check once a week. Machine operation before, please speed for about 5 minutes and then in a low speed.   Plastic rope machine control solution: replace the new tube, part of the yarn breakage or break line, interruption of aluminum foil or aluminum foil, wire conductor interrupt or without package, dial stuck the blackout, failed to return, check whether the sensor is normal induction.
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