Duisburg is an urban area in in the Federal Republic

by:SanTong     2020-06-15
Of course, travelers won't visit this town to admire the factories, unless they really love the 'How it's made' television show on the Discovery Channel. They could, however, travel there to see life in Duisburg from another perspective. And the city offers plenty of activities to make everyone happy. First checkpoint, the Zoo. A great place for animal lovers. They keep various animals there, in excellent living conditions and beautiful simulated environments. It was designed with the goal to induce a person the impression that they are in fact walking into the wild. Broad spaces, zero cages, much light, many distinct types of vegetation, each setting being a cool substitute for the natural living surroundings for particular types of animals. This city also gives you the opportunity to see the biggest inland port on Earth. Experience the Inner Harbor from one of the various pubs, cafes or bars, or explore it from the water on an interesting harbor cruise. Whether you love sports, culture, food or drink, you won't get bored at the Inner Harbor. Jogging, walking, cultural activities, excellent dining, great scenery the Inner Harbor has been, for a long while now, the heart of Duisburg's social and sporting activities. Another thing to see is the Wedau Water World, a place of entertainment, sun and leisure. Built with the idea to make visitors relax and unwind no matter what their age is, the Wedau Water World gets us with big water slides, high-rope balance activities, boat rides, canoe rides and more. Bewitching architecture and structures in this city are: the bridge that bonds the quarters Duissern and Meiderich. Made at the start of the 20th century, this structure is evidence of German labor discipline and precision planning. After that, you have the Alte Post, an emblematic house of yellow brick and beautiful red sandstone, it is the old post office, situated near the Town Hall. Another architectural point of interest is the Dreigiebelhaus, a historic jewel, the oldest house still standing in Duisburg (built in 1536). Last, we get at the picturesque mills of Duisburg, which are very cute. You'll see 8 mills in total, 6 of which are historical, made of red bricks and displaying a design you only saw in Hollywood motion pictures with Frankenstein or Dracula. No traveler has ever felt sorry for visiting Duisburg for the holidays, thus, if you too decide to choose this destination, don't worry, there are zero chances to regret it.
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