Electric winch cable used in the different environment of use

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Different hoisting machinery configuration is different, our main use to electric winch electric winch of hoisting machinery technology conditions of each case. Specific technical conditions require us to see the instructions below. Electric winch technical conditions and requirements, the command signal should be clear, and conform to the provisions; Hang, the Angle between the hanging rope should be less than a baidu, avoid Marine rope force is too large, hang rope should be cushioned by the number of edges, turning the command object, smooth should keep its center of gravity change, don't make a direct action outside the intention; Into the suspension weight below area, should first contact with the driver and set up the support device; Many people to hang, by a person in charge. Hydraulic oil tank should be every half a month from the bottom of the oil drain mouth to remove the moisture and impurities, and every other year or full replacement of all the hydraulic oil in the oil under the condition of not bad, can be appropriately extended oil change period. When the crane in the case of using environment particularly bad work, around the oil change cycle should be reduced. From the overall, any hoisting machinery under the environment of relatively complex, bad operation, use some of its problems may be relatively more some, for normal operation, we should also pay attention to some parts of the maintenance and oil replacement. Ship rust removal methods include manual cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Manual cleaning tools have a hammer, shovel knife, scraper, wire brush, etc. , generally thick rusty spot with a hammer to knock loose with a shovel knife to remove. The intensity of labor is big, low efficiency of rust removal, 0. 2 to 0. 5 m2 / h, conditions, such as difficult to remove oxide skin dirt, rust removal, it is difficult to meet the cleanliness and roughness, has gradually been replaced by a mechanical Fang Han and chemical methods. But in the process of repairing, especially for local defect repair, often use this method; For mechanical descaling is hard to reach areas, such as small cabin, sections opposite corner edge difficult areas such as homework, too much application manual derusting. Mechanical cleaning tools and process is more, mainly has the following four kinds: 1, small pneumatic or electric rust removing. Mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, assemble the appropriate cleaning device, for reciprocating motion or rotation, to adapt to the cleaning requirements of various kinds of occasions. Such as Angle grinder, wire brush, pneumatic needle beam of rust removal, pneumatic chipping hammer, tooth type rotary rust removal, etc. , belong to half mechanization equipment, tools and lighter, the mobility is large, can go to rust removing, old coating, etc. , to play the wool processing, coating efficiency than manual derusting greatly, can reach 1 ~ 2 m2 / h, but cannot remove oxide skin, the surface roughness is small, can't reach the high quality of surface processing quality, working efficiency is relatively low injection processing. Can be used in any part, especially widely used in the process of repairing. 2, shot peening ( Sand) Rust removal. Mainly made up of particles erosion effect is to achieve the roughness of the surface clean and appropriate, equipment includes open shot peening ( Sand) Derusting machine, closed shot peening ( Sand room) , vacuum shot peening ( Sand) Machine. Open shot peening ( Sand) Machine which has been widely applied, is to remove all the surface of the metal material, such as scale, rust and old paint film, high cleaning efficiency 4 ~ 5 m2 / h, high degree of mechanical, derusting quality is good. But due to the abrasive generally cannot be recycled, influential to other assignments, clean up the scene of trouble. So the environmental pollution is heavier, gradually be restrictions on the use of recently. 3, high pressure water abrasive cleaning. On the impact of high pressure water jet ( With abrasive grinding) And the water lever action destruction of corrosion and coating adhesion of steel plate. Its characteristic is no dust pollution, not damage the steel plate, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal, can reach more than 15 m2 / h, derusting quality is good. But after rust removal of steel rust easily return to with wet cleaning coating, coating for general performance of coating has a great influence on the coating. 4, shot blasting derusting. Blasting derusting using high-speed rotating impeller will be abrasive to the steel surface to achieve derusting, is a kind of for ship hull steel material descaling is relatively advanced mechanical processing method, not only high production efficiency, and low cost, high degree of automation, which can realize assembly line operation, less environmental pollution, but only in indoor operation.
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