Enhance your home and yard with these backyard

by:SanTong     2020-06-09
GARDEN STATUES AND SCULPTURES You can slowly build a nice looking garden art collection one piece at a time and really give your backyard a classy look. Many nice looking pieces can currently be bought online anywhere from $60 to $120. Some good examples of what you can find out there for your backyard or garden are animal statues, angel statues, gargoyle statues, dragon statues, and classical fountain statues. Garden statues are one of my favorite decor choices as they look really beautiful and get lots of reactions and comments from friends and neighbors. These garden statues can be placed just about anywhere. Put them near a fountain or inside a shallow pond. Also along any border such as near a fence works quite well. And don't forget the patio or perhaps under a garden shade make nice options as well. GARDEN FOUNTAINS Garden Fountains can be surprisingly inexpensive. They are self-contained, usually coming with a hidden pump that will circulate the water. Garden fountains as well as statues are extremely resistant to outdoor elements and are designed to last a lifetime. A great location to put a garden fountain is outside a window of one of your most used rooms in the house. This will give you a tremendously enhanced personal view of your backyard. Nice and relaxing and good for the soul! BACKYARDS FOR CHILDREN Unleash your imagination and buy a backyard swing-sets or a children's play-set. Most play-sets come with multiple levels, in which the kids can climb a rock wall or ladder to get to the higher levels. Then zoom down the slide to get back down. Other features usually include monkey bars, swings and rope ladders. Installing a play-set can be a full days work with just one or two people, so be sure to get plenty of help from friends and family and save some time and labor. Old school style swing sets are not as popular as they once were. It is just too easy now to go out and find a full functioning play-set. If you own a pool, children absolutely love swimming pool slides. They come in a variety of colors that can match you backyard decor and theme. BACKYARD RELAXATION AND SHADING ITEMS Enjoy the comfort and peace of a backyard hammock. If possible set your hammock up between two trees. If this is not possible you can buy a stand-alone hammock that support itself or even attach it to housing structures. Shade sails, garden sails, canopies and umbrellas can add not only shade, but they can be colorful and add a nice bit of charm to any backyard. Not only can you put a square sail shade up, but consider other popular shapes such as triangular shade sails that can be strung up next to one another or overlapped for a very sharp looking backyard shade solution. Shading is one of the single most popular backyard products for a good reason. Lounge chairs can be placed not only by the pool but under a patio or one of the above shading solutions. Place a small table nearby and enjoy a frosty cold drink while you relax for a nap or enjoy a good book during day light hours. Hope you enjoyed some of these great backyard products. Now it's time for you to get out there and get busy on your backyard!
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