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If you are planning to visit Ethiopia and if it is your first time to do so, the twenty things that are a must-see for you to fully enjoy your stay in the magnificent, wildlife country of Africa, this article help a lot. When visiting, you are best advised to have a guide with you, especially if you do not know how to speak the local language, as you could get lost in the wilderness. 1. Addis Ababa The main entry point and the capital city of Ethiopia is delightful place to explore. It is a city of surprise characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts. Places to visit include , The National Museum, where you find Lucy, the 3,2 million years old complete fossil and other archeological finding dating back to 5.8 million years old together with Royal artifacts and paintings is a worth to see, Mercato The grand open-air Africa's market, The trinity cathedral, Entoto Mountain, and others to see around Addis Ababa are worth visiting for some one who have short time in Ethiopia. Nightlife in Addis Ababa is also the main entertainment you should never miss. Night life starts at around 10:00 p.m. and continues throughout the night. The clubs and the bars of Addis Ababa vary from pretty much cultural to modern and exotic. Bahir Dar and The Blue Nile Fall - the Blue Nile fall (also called Tis Abay), and its magnificent falls is postcard perfect and likewise breathtaking. You can go rafting or rapid shooting in some parts of the Blue Nile. If you are in Bahar Dar, the fall is just about approximately twenty or so miles from the city. Sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing - Ethiopia's great lakes and rivers allow any tourist to enjoy water sports and recreation during their visit. Guides will be available to show you some of the greatest spots to go. You can indulge yourself in sailing or swimming in Lake Tana. Gondar Fasilides Castle - is a stunning tourist destination in Ethiopia. It is an old castle built in 17th century for the Ethiopian emperor Fasilides Alam Sagad. The castle's structure is purely made of stone. Definitely, Fasilides Castle is a representation of Ethiopia's great history. The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela - Churches located in Lalibela are outstanding work of architecture for early times. The series of churches was built under the order of King Lalibela, who planned to transform the city of Lalibela into a New Jerusalem. A series of monolithic churches were built around 12th and 13th century and until now, the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela still stand firm to continually amaze tourists around the world. It was honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1978. Axum - One of the earliest capitals of Ethiopia's kingdom famous for its obelisks made out of granite is Axum(Aksum). The architecture alone is breathtaking. To actually wander through one of the world's best archeological sites is something to look forward to see as well. Debre Damo monastery visiting this adventures place is the other thing you should never miss. It is only accessible by climbing up by a rope, which is made of 'plaited leather', lowered from the cliffs, which visitors tie around their waist and are then pulled up by a monk at the top of the cliffs. It is only accessible to men and male animals. Women and even female animals are forbidden to set a foot into the monastery, and must remain under the cliffs and pray from there. Old city Harar - The old medieval walled city of Harar, a city of mosques, minarets, and markets, a center of Muslim learning, a city which once struck its own local currency, and still has its own unique language - has long been regarded by the outside world as a city of mystery and romance. In this town you can easily see Hyena as domesticated animal. Don't miss to see the man who makes his living by feeding Hyenas. 10. Safari in Ethiopia - What is the point of going to Africa if you're not there to see its magnificent wildlife and experience nature at its finest? Safaris in Ethiopia can be done by foot or riding a horse or mule. Most tourists though prefer going by 4WD or any SUV available to see the wonderful sights a safari trip offers. 11. Nature trekking or hiking on the Semain mountain - If you want to rub elbows with Africa's wildlife in a controlled environment where you might feel safer, you can always visit their national park, the Semain Mountains national park. You can also ride ponies here for a more natural trekking experience. This is a wonderful experience for nature lovers. 12. Chilada babun - watch endemic Chelada Babun, also known as Gelada Baboon, in the Semain Mountains in Ethiopia. An armed guard and local park scout must accompany you into the National Park where the over 6,000 Geladas go about their business, digging up roots, and procreating more little baboons. Semain mountain trekkers and nature lovers enjoy this seen so much. 13. Caves - Ethiopia also has some of the world's greatest caving sites. Here, you can explore and discover the earliest signs of human existence in the country. Get to experience even briefly how its ancient people lived. 14. The Danakil, or Afar, depression - which encompasses a good portion of the eastern part of the Tigray region, is one of the earth's hottest and most inhospitable places, with many points more than 100 meters (328 feet) below sea level and noon-time temperatures soaring above 50 degree Celsius (122 degree Fahrenheit). It is the site of a dry salt lake from which Ethiopians obtained their bars of salt, used both for consumption and, long ago, as a primitive sort of 'money'. 15. Nature springs - This is visited for their therapeutic effects on the body. The country's nature springs are a must when you're visiting especially after a long trek in the wildlife. Here, you can relax those aching bones and muscles. 16. Bale Mountain climbing - A spectacular view from the top of the mountain in Africa is something every visitor should experience. You can always try the Bale Plateau for that grand view. Visitors are advised to bring their own gear as no gear is available for rent or sale. 17. Omo Valley - This is where about 50% of Ethiopia's ethnic groups live: The Konso with their terraced agriculture and rituals; the Mursi with their clay lip plates and barbarian life style; the Hamer with their bull-jumping ceremony, which young men must experience in order to qualify for adulthood; and the Karo with their body painting and adornment. Here unusual traditions such as dance, music and rituals from birth to marriage and burial are still observed in their genuine and original forms. 18. Origen of Coffee - The fertile hills of what was formerly known as Kaffa are probably where the coffee plant was first cultivated, and the area remains one of Ethiopia's main coffee-growing centers. The impressive palace built by King Abba Jiffar during the early years of his rule in 1870s still stands on a low hill at the former royal compound of Jiren. This experience give you time to make a history by drinking coffee at its birth place. 19. Birding - Ethiopia's proximity to the equator and great habitat diversity means it has one of the richest avifauna in Africa. It is probably easier to amass a trip list of 400 species over a normal length holiday in Ethiopia than it is in any African country. This is a wonderful experience for bird lovers. 20. Horse Riding - Ethiopia is one of the most perfect riding country in the world, similar to the plateaus of Mongolia in their depth, vastness and ever changing light. Great plains of grass, full of herds of cattle, will be the typical landscape to which you will set your horse hoof beat.
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