Fifth wheels are indeed easy to tow behind a car or pickup

by:SanTong     2020-06-11
Putting your fifth wheel in reverse is way too different from backing up a normal four-wheeler. Firstly, you need to turn the steering wheel oppositely for backing up your fifth wheel. In addition, you need to learn when to turn the vehicle and by how much. Your side mirrors too have some limitations, when it comes to towing a fifth wheel. The side mirrors are usually useless if your tow vehicle is not in line with the fifth wheel. Thus, take notice of all probable obstructions while backing up your fifth wheeler. Anticipating movements is important while towing a fifth wheel. This is especially applicable while the other vehicles change their movements. While driving a pickup, you are likely to be sitting higher than one sitting in a car. It gives you an advantage as you can see over the roof of other vehicles. You must be aware of the movement of the vehicles that are beside or in front of you. Another important factor is to avoid rear-enders. You can install a flasher circuit in the brake lights' wiring of your fifth wheel. This flasher circuit will make the brake lights of your recreational vehicle flash like a strobe for around 8 to 10 seconds once you apply the brakes. While slowing down, press the brakes lightly, triggering the brake lights. It will allow the vehicle behind you to notice your change in motion and you can avoid rear-ending him/ her. Following the safe driving measures will also boost fuel mileage. Simply maintain an even speed to improve your fuel mileage by 2 to 4 miles per gallon. The fifth wheel adds a lot of weight and acceleration or deceleration can take a lot of fuel. Also, avoid heavy traffic and rush hours. And when in traffic, make sure there is enough space in front of you. In addition, check the weight of your recreational vehicle, axle by axle. The truck stops usually have scales and charge a small fee to weigh your recreational vehicle. Make sure that the truck-trailer combination is well balanced; it must not exceed the listed limit. RV accidents are often caused by out-of-balance loading or overloading. Thus, follow the safety measures while towing and driving your fifth wheel and if necessary, seek help from an expert, capable of instructing various fifth wheel driving techniques.
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