Fleas--an inside perspective

by:SanTong     2020-06-23
Fleas are tiny bloodsucking creatures that feed on cats, dogs and other animals. They are nimble; do not have wings and moves quickly. Some pets possess a greater sensitivity to flea saliva. Apart from being annoying, these parasites can pose a threat to cats and dogs. It can cause allergic reaction called flea allergy dermatitis. A cat or a dog may feel uncomfortable and constantly itch. Some of the most common symptoms include scabs, reddened skin, hot spots and generalized hot spots. A flea allergy if left untreated can result in skin infections. Natural flea control methods Treating fleas in a natural way are of great interest among pet owners these days. Despite the availability of a wide array of conventional flea and tick preventives available in the market, more and more pet owners are in favor of natural remedies as they are concerned about the use of these conventional medicines regularly on their lovely pets. Natural remedies are a safe alternative as they are easily available and free from side effects. However while using a natural approach to kill cat fleas and dog fleas, it is advisable that pet owners practice several types of flea control such as effective control of fleas on cats and dogs, effective pet grooming and environmental control. Some of the best natural ways to control fleas on cats and dogs include: Aromatherapy: rubbing the pet's collar with an essential oil helps in repelling fleas. Some of the suggested scents include geranium, lavender, citronella, tea tree, cedar wood or eucalyptus oil. Spread oils especially across the bandana, rope collar or the webbing to keep the pesky parasites at a distance. This is a good flea control method for both cats and dogs.
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