For the settlement of Marine rope broken line after emergency measures have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
1, ship stem flow, bow broke one or two emergency measures when the root line ( 1) Immediately behind the double anchor and standby engine. Fortunately, the jet under anchors and ready before the arrival of the car; ( 2) Resolutely away or cut off stern cable, in order to reduce the Angle of the hull and streamline, the ship stem positive flow;   ( 3) Micro into the car, operating within the port rudder, after waiting for ship stem stability can amidship;   ( 4) Regulating stem section warping, the method is: take turns got half way to minus the stem of the cable in pile number, let the Marine cable sliding out slowly, the force of cable sliding out more, less stress small sliding out, after waiting for the Marine cable force basic uniform, then hold the rope. ( 5) Tug, please come to help, pushing the ship shoulder position, and will ship in time the bow broke all cable in new, let the ship back close to the pier. 2, ship stem flow, bow all mooring failure after emergency measures & have spent Thrown immediately double anchor and anchor difficult, if you can move the car immediately, should immediately use car steering the ship bow against current as far as possible, in order to prevent hull passive by cross flow. Such as don't train immediately, should immediately to or cut off stern cable, and throw the double anchor, can only rely on double anchor to block vessel drift, as much as possible and make the ship away from the dock, prevent hull backward, ship stem deflection collision damage of wharf and approach bridge.
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