From what respect to discern the stand or fall of Marine ropes

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Judge of the rope, through material and preparation process, the derived an important standard, that is rope elongation. Buying rope, often hear people say low extension/extension rate, low creep, such as vocabulary, they mean? How to generate? In sailing ropes and what is the effect? Today let's learn about these two concepts, and learn how to identify good Marine ropes. Extension extension ( English is the elongation/stretch) , generally refers to the dynamic extension, namely the tension of the rope changing the extension of behavior. Because the sea wind is constantly changing, sailor often by controlling the rope to adjust the Angle of the sail with the wind, to obtain the best Angle of the wind, or through the control line in port to change course, these behaviors will unconsciously stretched the rope. So ordinary ropes to use after a period of time, you will find that getting longer. Sometimes people also call it 'elastic'. Thus, extension cords refers to rope in changing the behavior of the pulling force of stretched the rope. Originally 50 m litres of rigging, may be used with the it becomes 55 meters. After rope is stretched, diameter decreased, tension is less also, are more likely to suddenly rupture in the strong wind, potentially dangerous. So, choose the ropes to choose low extension ( 低/最小延伸率) , low elasticity, 低拉伸) , it is best to have after pre tensioning ( pre - streched) To deal with. French Lancelin rope ALBATROS series, the series of MINOS, PUNCH series, British MARLOW rope D2 RACING 78, D2 Competition 78 is very low ductility. Creep, creep English for creep) , generally refers to static stretching for a long time, namely the rope for a long time under the relatively constant tension, produced an extension of behavior, is commonly irreversible behavior. In terms of sailing, the common extension for the dynamic extension, but if the rope used in under the condition of constant weight, long-term creep phenomenon will occur. You might as well make a try to check, at a fixed point, with di nima rope hanging a weight for a long time, to record its hanging from the ground level. 5 years record its height, you will find that the weight is more and more close to the ground, and has been on the ground. This is the process of creep, it is not produced in a few minutes or several hours, but over time, the process of constant dropping wears the stone. Creep change more used to measure polymer fiber ropes, such as di nima, vectran, etc. So, choose the ropes to choose low creep ( 低/最小蠕变) , the best is no creep ( 无蠕变) 。 French Lancelin rope pure di nima series, the series of technora, British MARLOW rope pure di nima series and so on is very good choice. Simple summarize, choose the time of sailing boat rope, must first understand the purpose of the ship, the ship? Leisure boat? Use: rigging up on? The rooms rope? Sail rope? Second, choose according to use size, material, tension, lawmakers, extending coefficient, finally determine the length, color, etc.
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