Functions and performance features of life-saving rope?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Life-saving rope is upper end fixed suspension, for people to hold the rope to glide. Personal life line is mainly used as firefighters carry a save or save your tools, transport can also be used in fire rescue equipment, can also be in the fire surveillance for the rope. In some large factories and mines caused by fire smoke when large area, along the line can also be used for the men to escape. Lifeline on general in a few hundred yuan, average household can afford. We have a root can be. To fire escape quickly, you prepare a lifeline must know how to use the lifeline: 1, the lifeline end fixed on solid objects, and the rope down the window into the downstairs. 2, holding the rope, hooked on the windowsill, his left foot right foot pedal and blunt, treats people smoothly, left foot out of the window. 3, legs slightly curved, two foot pedal force of metope at the same time, his arms out straight and your hands slightly loose, below the eyes gaze, along the rope down. 4, when the fast close to the ground, his right arm bend forward, le rope two legs slightly bent, two on tippy toes. Infernal heartless, when you are trapped in the fire of life is threatened as long as know the family fire small knowledge also can escape. When a fire escape quickly, don't lust after property. Home good configuration of the corresponding fire extinguishing equipment, such as: fire blankets, fire extinguisher, etc. Home inns in the stair, balcony channel pile up sundry, attention should be paid to clear in time, do not install various type closed balcony fence and window, prevent fire, difficult to escape. Threatened by the fire, cover your body with wet clothes, bedding, etc. A safe exit to rush out. When passing through smoke, try to make the body close to the ground, with a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose. Body is on fire, don't run, can be rolled or use thick clothes pressure fire fighting. Liquid gas kitchen is provided to pay attention to the usual maintenance, in the event of pipeline damage leakage should be timely maintenance; Forget to close the valve after using gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or privately on liquefied petroleum gas tank and cause gas leak, in case of fire, open electrical spark or electrostatic will burst into flames, When stir-fry cooking oil, high temperature fire disposal is not at the time, also easy to cause fire accident causes the flame spread. Bad habits easily cause a fire. Some people like to smoke in bed or sofa, cigarette butt and cigarette ash once fell in the bedding, bed nets, clothes, or the sofa, easy to cause fire. If the cigarette, burning matches casually, just throw the rubbish bin, Chai Caodui, items such as clothing, fire also unavoidable.
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