Garden furniture sets - Relax in the lap of nature

by:SanTong     2020-06-07
Garden furniture sets can consists of bar set, stools, coffee table, chairs, sofa sets, benches, loungers, parasols, swings and other miscellaneous items. Every piece of garden furniture has its own charm and use. A lounger is generally kept in the open, preferably in the patio area. Bar set and stools on the other hand are located close to the main house. The rest of the garden furniture can be set up as per the owner's creativity. Garden furniture sets are made out of several materials, like wood, plastic, wrought iron, aluminium and rattan. Teak wood forms one of the most preferred materials for garden furniture. The reason is because of its durability. It can not only withstand the vagaries of nature but also look good even after years of use. Wrought iron garden furniture is more robust than other materials. Garden furniture sets made from rattan are light in weight, elegant and have great malleable property. They have good resistance to weather which can be further enhanced by applying water and sun resistant lacquer. Rattan is found in many south Asian countries. It is a soft material available in the form of long rope. When rattan is heated it turns extremely malleable; allowing craftsmen to create different shapes. Rattan garden furniture comes in an array of designs, colours and weaves. Rattan furniture is created in two parts. The frame is typically constructed from solid wood while the fillings are built using rattan. Garden loungers come in a variety of sizes and designs. These are exclusively used for relaxing, reading a book or for sun bathing. Wicker, plastic and bamboo are some of the materials used to make them. Loungers are truly heaven on earth, especially when you want to unwind. A lounger allows you to relax in the lap of nature, at the same time it also adds a touch of class and beauty to your outdoor area. Benches, canopies, umbrellas are some of the other ornamental pieces that complement loungers. The most popular garden lounger is the one that pulls back completely. This design is typically suited for sunbathing. Throw in a couple of cushions to add a little glamour.
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