High performance fiber cable used in offshore oil and gas platform

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Morris plains, New Jersey in the United States - — Honeywell ( The New York stock exchange code: HON) Announced today that Latin America's largest oil and gas company Petrobras, Brazil's national oil company) Apply on its new offshore oil and gas platform by Spectra ® fiber cable.       Widely used in bulletproof vests and armored vehicles Spectra of high performance fiber, adopted by leading engineering cable manufacturer Cortland to synthesis the BOB ® 12 x12 specifications of the fiber cable. This kind of cable will be used for new Rolls-Royce fiber cable deployment system in oil and gas project ( 的朋友) 。 At present, the Spectra fiber has been applied in a variety of industrial structure and ropes, under the condition of equal weight, its strong degree is more than 15 times higher than steel, but light enough to float on the water.       BrentGerdes product marketing manager for honeywell packaging and composite materials sales department, said: 'honeywell Spectra the device applied in the oil and gas platform, for offshore platform this strict heavy environment provides the necessary strength and durability. Cortland and Honeywell in deepwater production special excellent cooperation in the field of synthetic fiber cable has a long history, the latest products in the industry for top performance at the same time, reduce operating costs and maintenance requirements of harsh environments. ”,     Rolls-Royce choose Spectra BOB made of cable used for the next generation of FRDS, is the company's fourth set of Cortland use BOB cable companies and HoneywellSpectra fiber FRDS system. New Rolls-Royce FRDS with Petrobras signed five years the use of the contract, will be in the single load lifting capacity of 150 tons of the deep and make full use of the Spectra fiber placement system.     Spectra fiber is highly waterproof, very suitable for all kinds of Marine applications, the use of this fiber cable in the water will not gain weight because of the moisture absorption. At the same time, the Spectra in the water will not corrosion or deterioration.       'The Spectra fiber and other CortlandBOB cable made of high performance fiber blend, enables us to use higher quality products for our customers to provide more value,' Cortland cable and assembly operations vice President of global sales Stuart specific said. 'New contract once again proven synthetic fiber cable in oil and gas industry by favour. ”,   Spectra fiber has a strong chemical resistance, resistance to harmful ultraviolet ability, it is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( HMPE) Using gel spinning of patent technology is made. Spectra of fibre diameter greater than the market similar HMPE competitive products, has more excellent abrasion resistance, reduced the friction in the cable manufacturing process to improve the processing.     Spectra of the fiber industry applications include nets and other safety net, cutting protection and fishing line, etc. The fiber is also commonly used in bulletproof armor. Honeywell has been actively carry out relevant Spectra fiber and bulletproof material research and development projects, focusing on continuous improvement and development of all kinds of high performance materials.     In addition to providing the high performance fibers used in the production of oil and gas industry dedicated cable and rope, honeywell also through its UOP company provides project for the deep and process control department of a variety of services and products.       As the world's leading oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas processing technology provider, honeywell UOP PNBV for Petrobras and its subsidiary in Brazil several floating production, storage, FPSO) Provide offshore natural gas processing technology support. Additionally, honeywell UOP also provide technology licensing to Petrobras, help them in Brazil two refineries to produce high quality diesel oil products.       Honeywell for offshore production enterprises to provide integrated automation control and security system solutions, oil used for floating production, storage, FPSO) Ship, deepwater platform, floating liquefied natural gas ( FLNG) The ship, the device and the bottom of the sea to the deck. These authenticated by the maritime integrated system solution can help protect assets offshore enterprise and staff, ensure compliance, at the same time can also help save deck space and human resources.
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