High quality of the cable is suitable for the children's playground equipment

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Children are the parents' palm treasure, is also the flowers of the motherland, in the ordinary families, a children's daily spending about 30% of the total, and the children's playground equipment is the clock in place to most children, on equipment we can often see the figure of the cable. Cable is soft, and different weaving technology made the cable diameter will be different, according to the size of the diameter can be divided into twelve strands of the cable, cable for public, six cable, three strands of the cable, etc. , different cables use different places. One, the cable can be under the premise of protecting children do not harm the skin of children. We all know that children's sensitive skin, and is relatively soft, if use hard just to death or other tools may cause harm to the child's skin. Two, the cable can be fixed amusement equipment, improve the safety of the equipment, also can bring security to children. Above three, the cable is the application of the cable on children's amusement equipment, cable widely used, different cable effect of environment.
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