Homework personnel in construction how to correctly use the seat belt?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Belt is high in the personal protective equipment to workers to prevent falling casualty, known by the general construction workers as for help. Safety belt is composed of belt and rope and metal accessories, general safety belt. The correct way of using the seat belt: in the absence of protective facilities in construction of high cliffs, steep slope, must fasten your seat belt. Seat belts should be low with high, pay attention to prevent swinging collision. If your seat belt low hanging high, in the event of a fall would increase impact, dangerous. The length of the safety rope will be limited to 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 m, the use of more than 3 m long should add buffer. Not the rope knot used and also not to hang hooks directly used in the security line, should be hung on the link. The various parts of belt down arbitrarily, use more than 2 years should be checking again. Suspension seat belts of impact test should be done in a 100 kg weight for free drop test, if not to undermine, the number of seat belts may continue to use. Frequent use of rope, will often make a visual inspection, found abnormal, should be scrapped in advance. New use seat belt must have quality certificate, prove that are not allowed to be used. Aerial work safety rope should trim, when using do not distort, the three-point seat belts should be as low as possible, a system to waist tie in the hips, don't tie at the waist; Shall be put under his arm, the shoulder belt hang on his chest.
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