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by:SanTong     2020-06-04
In reaction to the success of the bestselling novel trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, Hotel Max in Seattle is offering its own Fifty Shades of Grey experience with the '50 Shades of Seattle' package. Relive the romance with the hotel package that brings together all the delightful Seattle-only experiences directly from the bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey novels. If you are lucky enough to find your own Mr. Grey, then explore your fantasies in the romantic Artist King room located high up on the 8th floor with stunning views of the city. Go up in the Seattle air in your own Charlie Tango with a helicopter tour of the city, explore Seattle with your own chauffeured town-car plus a private sailing excursion - complete with a gourmet picnic - and to top off your Fifty Shades of Grey experience, enjoy a bottle of Christian Grey's own favorite Bollinger Grande Anne Rose 1999 champagne. However, with two nights costing more than $1600, you may need a real life Christian Grey to foot the bill, yet experience is selling out fast so there must be some lucky women out there getting their own Fifty Shades of Grey experience. But if you're not quick enough to snap up the experience at the Hotel Max, why not opt for the real thing instead? The Heathman Hotel in Portland, which appears in the Fifty Shades of Grey novel, is also offering the Fifty Shades of Grey experience. Here you can enjoy a bottle of Mr. Grey's own favorite wine and a helicopter ride to a luxury dinner at the very same restaurant featured in the books. Why not live out the luxuriously sensual lives of Ana and Christian yourself? If you're not lucky enough to have snagged your own Mr. Grey to whisk you away on such a romantic weekend, have no fear. The Heathman Hotel also offers Fifty Shades of Grey book themed parties. Enjoy a ride in Charlie Tango and a gourmet meal with white wine at the famed hotel restaurant for a group of six people. This package will set you back $2750. Whether you're lucky enough to find your own bossy billionaire heartthrob to take you out on the Fifty Shades of Grey experience, or you just want to enjoy a book party at the Heathman Hotel with other fans of the books - you too can immerse yourself in the lives of E. L. James's glamorous protagonists. Failing that, you could just always create your own red room of pain for some naughty Fifty Shades of Grey fun-time with cable ties and rope from the local DIY store, while drinking champagne out of teacups.
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