How many ways are there to prevent Marine cable broken?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Handling to avoid unilateral loading and unloading of the cause of excessive ship tilted, causing tension before and after the mooring force caused by uneven or tilted concentration, increase of the mooring load. According to the line of old and new situation adjust the tightness, such as the new cable should be tightened, relaxes the old cable; Try to use the same material and same diameter of the cable; Conversion and proper use of automatic line. Before and after the ship set up automatic line is the purpose of the automatic adjustment of the mooring firmness, keep the cable appropriate force, convenient to close to berth the ship operation. But automatic line also has its limit, over load, warping machine start automatic protection stop work. So affected by swell large, often by the strong wind baiting area, suggest not to use automatic LAN, instead of manually and twisted after use brake braking, but remember to release the clutch, avoid the cable tension has effect on the clutch, lead to the deformation. Each root cable can be ground to get some tight, but each bollard can need not too fast, when belaying in when affected by strong winds or rapids, should let its sliding out after elongation first, then add in some way, when the force again, do not let them slip out again, in order to alleviate the cable slack imbalance state. Berthing try to keep the machine to receive strength evenly in the Marine cable with cable; One rope is put before and after the second may be appropriately, according to the weather forecast of the wind decided to add line of the spring. Try to use the scroll wheel, roller and other activities can be fair, this cable in the tightness of ship rolling friction caused by the surge, along with the activities of roller sports together, though it's time for cable with cable trival, but it can effectively avoid the rope wear damage.
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